We’ve all heard that for every $1 spent on email marketing, we can earn back $42, which is a humungous 4,200 % in ROI. It is why businesses, irrespective of their scale and industry, keep looking for ways to get more newsletter sign-ups.

The lucrative ROI is one of the reasons that makes email a vital part of any marketing strategy. Whether you’re a big B2B SaaS brand or a small to medium-sized apparel business, you would need well-designed email marketing to reach out to your customers and prospects.

What makes marketers more inclined towards email marketing over other forms of marketing is full control over email lists. When you reach out to your customers via social media platforms, you don’t have any control over how the platforms facilitate your reach and communication.

If one day, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform decides to shadowban your business account or, let’s assume, delete your account altogether, you’ll have no other way to contact your existing and prospective customers.

This is where the need to have email marketing comes into the picture. Email marketing lets you have full control over the way you communicate with your subscribers. If this has made you want to take email marketing seriously, this guide is all you need to get started.

What is Email Marketing?

The term “email marketing” usually refers to sending email messages for marketing purposes and was one of the earliest forms of internet marketing. It lets brands directly communicate with their subscribers with the aim to either nurture them or pitch them a product/service. You can also use email marketing as a great medium to stay connected with your customers throughout their buying journey.

For instance, a business might send an email to a customer who recently made a purchase from them. The email can also include a coupon or exclusive offer for the customer’s next order to tempt them to make a second purchase soon. But to gain maximum returns on email marketing efforts, businesses must first collect information about their subscribers in order to create targeted emails.

The main difference between email marketing and other forms of digital marketing is that email marketing’s focus is on one-to-one communication instead of one-to-many. This allows marketers to personalize the content of the email. And because an email’s contents can be changed or adjusted, the shared content will be more effective.

Effective & Practical Ways to Get More Newsletter Sign-ups

There are many ways to boost the newsletter sign-up numbers, but not every method may work for you. So the best way is to try out various available ways to see which works the best for your business.

To help you increase your newsletter sign-ups, we’ve listed down some really effective methods that can work for most businesses. So let’s head straight to some powerful ways to get more newsletter sign-ups.

Don’t Place the Sign-up Form Where It’s Not Easily Visible

It may sound pretty absurd, but there are still websites and blogs that have a bad positioning of their email newsletter sign-up form. And if the site visitors cannot find the newsletter sign-up form easily, your chances of increasing email subscribers will remain bleak.

Instead of placing the form in a corner, place it at the top or at the end of every blog post. You can also search for a prominent place that makes it easier for people to find and fill the newsletter form.

Besides your website, you can also encourage your followers on different social media handles to subscribe to your newsletter by actively promoting and sharing the sign-up form. If the numbers of sign-ups don’t show any improvement, try enticing them by offering something valuable as bait.

Use Pop-Up Forms

While pop-up forms can be annoying sometimes, they do an excellent job at making more people sign-up for your newsletter. It is one of the most common, easiest and best ways to get more newsletter sign-ups and can give you massive results if done correctly.

Pop-up forms are of various types, and you can decide when you want visitors to see this form. You can choose if you want the visitors to see this pop-up form after they’ve spent a minute or two on your site, or they can be prompted to this form once they’re about to go back.

You can find various tools and software that allow brands to create beautiful pop-up forms that are enough to catch peoples’ attention. If you haven’t used pop-up forms before, implement them right away.

Give People a Strong Reason to Subscribe to Your Newsletter

No one likes to receive emails that have little to no value to the readers. As a brand, you can have the best product or service, but it’s not enough a reason for people to join your mailing list.

With competition becoming tough, people are now becoming skeptic about giving their email id to any business out there. In such a situation, the best way to get more newsletter sign-ups is by offering your subscribers something valuable.

Depending on the niche you operate in, search for the things your existing and potential customers like to read. Curate useful content around those topics and create a highly effective nurturing email sequence.

Amplify the benefits of being a subscriber of your newsletter on different social media platforms and attach a sign-up link so the interested people can join your email list without any hassle. You can promote the benefits of joining your newsletter as “subscribers only” incentive.

Showcase Social Proof  

If you find it seemingly challenging to convert your social media followers into newsletter subscribers, start showing them what your existing subscribers have to say about your emails.

The appeal to perform a particular action becomes strong when someone on the same line has something positive to say about a company.

You can ask your existing subscribers to share what they feel about your emails. Pick a few from the responses you get, and promote them on different channels to showcase you deliver value to your subscribers.

While you should not overdo it, promoting social proof at least twice a month can be a good option.

Use QR Codes to Reach More People

A unique yet great way to get more newsletter sign-ups is by leveraging QR codes to redirect people to your newsletter sign-up form.

If you have a business card, you can add a QR code so anyone scanning the same is instantly brought to a mobile-friendly version of your newsletter sign-up form.

This method is great for a lot of reasons. The primary reason being it increases the possibility of increasing sign-ups in the offline world. While most businesses are busy tempting people to join their newsletter online, you diversify your approach to the offline world for maximum benefits.

Final Words

Everyone knows the importance of growing and nurturing an email list; it is probably why you’re checking out this guide on “ways to get more newsletter sign-ups.” But is knowing some really cool tips enough to grow your subscribers’ list?

Even if you manage to gather some new sign-ups using our tips shared above, they may not prefer to stay long on your list if you constantly spam them with promotional or irrelevant content.

As long you keep the subscribers’ interest in mind and don’t go overboard by dropping emails every single day, you have an excellent chance to retain and grow your email subscribers list.

For a hassle-free growth experience, choose an advanced email marketing software that lets you design dynamic emails and also enables you to segment your subscribers base for best results.

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