When you are online, you are not alone…

Whatever activities you do on the internet, the web browsers and the IP address has all the traces of it. These traces contains browsing keywords, visited website info, IP address, active location and many more.

Cyber criminals and various advertising companies constantly hooks around you and collects all these data. Even if we are on incognito mode, still the trails of our browsing are not fully encrypted as the your internet service providers and IP address still have it.

Surfing is no more secure now, especially if you do online transactions, use public wi-fi, download torrent videos, chat online or so.

Anti-virus are useful, but it may not quickly stop any suspicious activity on your device. As they need time to update their database. But cyber bullies are more active than that. So how to secure our privacy online?

VPN(virtual private network) is what you need for your device. Browsing the web with a VPN service will make it fully encrypted and secure. Looking for a best VPN service, then we recommend CyberGhost, that works on all your devices including windows, Mac, Apple, Android, Linux.

The fastest, simplest way to protect your online privacy. Start protecting your on-line privacy today with CyberGhost VPN!

This article sums up all you want to know about VPN service, why should you have it and how to get started with.

What is a VPN and how does it work?

VPN or Virtual private networks makes an encrypted connection between your device and the websites you visit. Thus you can browse the web without any restriction and in a secure environment.

As the name suggest, Virtual private network, means it creates a private network connection virtually that cannot be traced. They masks the information of the user like IP address, internet service providers, location and other identifiable info. This makes impossible for any website or hackers to trace the browsing details of the user.

How VPN Works

How VPN Works

When you are browsing through VPN connection, means you are accessing the internet through one of the encrypted VPN servers rather than your own IP address. Your entire browsing activity is encrypted and the tracers will think that it is coming from any remote server.

VPN service is cost effective, user-friendly and provides a safe environment to browse online without the fear of being watched or traced. They can add an extra security to your computers, laptops, smartphones and other devices. Every activity you do with VPN is completely private.

How VPN can Secure your browsing?

In recent times, online security has become a serious matter of concern. Imagine, you search for a product and you left the traces of it on your browser. Soon your whole browser floods with advertisements of the product, even your social media websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram are all watching your online activities.

  • And what about the annoying advertising trackers? You can never hide yourself from them.
  • Worried about using public wi-fi?
  • How much annoying is this when you try to visit any website and it is blocked by your Internet Service Provider or government.

These all concerns are true, and we must be … VPNs can secure your both online and offline activities.

Secure browsing on public wifi:

Public wi-fi are not always safe. Using them in a coffee shop, in hotel rooms or while travelling are just too risky. As they are not encrypted, if any person has used the public wi-fi on its infected device, then the malware can easily find its way to the wifi router. Thus, your device may also get infected.

public wifi

public wifi

But when you are accessing the public wi-fi with your VPN service, then all your activity is goes on within virtual servers. It secures your personal information where you go and also prevent the infection to get through your device.

Access websites without Restrictions:

You can access any website without any restriction like streaming service, playing games or any chat service that is banned in your country.

Secure Online Transactions:

Whenever you are performing any online transaction, you send your extreme private information, many times the hackers install key-loggers to record the keystrokes. But when you are on VPN, it creates a private tunnel for the secure online transaction.

Ensure End-To-End Encrypted Chats:

Although, now chatting apps like WhatApp provide encryption, but many chat services run on VOIP(Voice over IP), these means they may not be safe. Information you share on chats can be traceable. But when your device has VPN connection logged-on, then you can have private chats without the fear of being traced.

How should you choose the Correct VPN Service?

It is very important to choose the right VPN service for your device. While many people rely on free VPN services and apps, but they can even trace your activity to feed the advertisers. As nothing comes for free, so you should not expect much from any free service. They may not even provide you full security while going through shopping, browsing any online transactions. Some free VPNs may even use your bandwidth, so you find them slow.

All encrypted

All Devices Are Secured

Here are some key points you need to make sure while buying a VPN service for your device:

  • First thing, you should check that if the VPN service is offering multiple device support. Because it is important to protect all your devices not only desktop or smartphones. As we access our accounts to all our devices laptop, notebook, tablet, smartwatch and smartphone. This will ensure private connection where you go.
  • The service should be using complex security protocols and match to the standard encryption.
  • It should support multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Apple, Android and so on.
  • Providers should have unlimited bandwidth usage rather than speed deduction after a certain bandwidth usage.
  • It should offer no-log to ensure that your activities are not saved within the logs of the app.
  • Should include the feature to block the ad-trackers that will ensure that your browsing data is not being used for advertising purposes.
  • Easy interface to change the virtual location.
  • A good customer support for any assistance.

So know you know what features you need to choose the best VPN service for you.

On the basis of above criteria we recommend, VPN Unlimited.

About CyberGhost



CyberGhost is a VPN service provider that works on multiple platforms and various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Apple, Linux, Fire TV, browsers and so. It is an affordable service that works on various platforms for total security.

  • It encrypts all the private data like credit card details, passwords, logins that are the most sensitive ones. So your personal data is 100% protected against third-parties trackers and hackers.
  • It offers absolute privacy while you are online. You can browse anonymously without being tracked by the advertisers, hackers and websites.
  • Offers a super fast server speed that will never affect your bandwidth and also ensures uncompromising speed.
  • It offers military-grade AES-256 encryption that ensures your personal data is fully encrypted.
  • It helps users surf without any geo-restriction by automatically switching to the optimal protocol that is best for the network. Also it allows users to choose from other protocols within the VPN settings.
  • Offers 45-day money back guarantees.

So what you are waiting for.. VPNs can change your way browsing.. You are all encrypted across all platforms and devices. CyberGhost is worth a try.
No matter where you are, what you are doing-travelling, using a public wi-fi, streaming movies on NetFlix, shopping and so…You are fully Secure.

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