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7 Ways Password Managers Can Be Helpful

By |July 12, 2019|Trending|

Haven't though of using password managers yet? After reading this article you may like give a try. Have you ever thought of how some websites display the strength of your password as very weak, weak, moderate, strong and very strong? Well, the tool that is used for detecting these levels [...]

How To Enable Google Play Protect(Android)

By |October 2, 2018|Android, Trending|

Google Play Store is the most trusted platform to download/install apps for Android users. But in recent times, Google has dropped down thousands of counterfeit apps from Google Play store.  As many bad actors(developers) are deploying cloned apps of popular or legitimate apps and deploying them the Play store. Such [...]

Cloud Computing-A Beginners Guide

By |July 31, 2018|Technology, Trending|

Cloud Computing For Beginners Welcome To The World Of Cloud Computing “Cloud Computing” is widely accepted in the world of Business. Offering feasible and secure alternative to the conventional network server and hardware based IT infrastructure. Although this terminology is still not very clear to the beginner. But its ultimate [...]

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