Top 5 Reasons To Use VPN On Your Phone

Internet Surfing is now a basic need for everyday life. It goes along you. Your browsing habits depends on your personality and interest. Whether you like to stream movies, play online games, some technology enthusiast, love cooking, dating or just surfing around for cool stuffs. Mostly we use our smartphones and tablet for it, as they are the easiest way to surf around. But, along with the easy access of variety of contents through websites, apps, social networking sites, streaming services and so on there lies a risk of being traced.

Yes, how much secure is the site or apps you are using but still you are feeding them your sensitive data that can challenge your security.

So, what should we do? Do we need to stop surfing ? Not possible…

To secure your browsing and online privacy, you must start using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN add a security layer between your device and the websites you are visiting. It helps you to stay anonymous by changing the exact IP address to another encrypted server. So the websites you are reaching out cannot trace your location and even send your data directly to the main website in an encrypted format. This helps to secure your online privacy and browsing.

Earlier, VPNs were mostly used within the business and organizations to enhance security. But now it’s becoming popular among the individuals as there are various reasons to use a VPN for everyday online activities.

So, here are top 5 reasons to use a VPN on your phone

  • Access blocked Websites and content:Top 5 Reasons To Use A VPN On Your Phone

    It hurts when you can’t access some website or streaming service or apps in your country. As your location’s IP address does not allow you to do so. Means the website is banned in your country. Suppose you live in US, and a website you trying to access is blocked in US, so how can you do it. Here VPN has a great use, you can change your default IP address to some country like Germany or China where the website is active. VPN services provides a list of secure servers from various countries, you can choose among them to access the blocked content or website.

  • Stay Anonymous:Top 5 Reasons To Use A VPN On Your Phone

    Many times, we wish to explore about topics that may be considered as suspicious, sensitive or adulterated. In such case, we always afraid of being traced by web censorship or service provider or even we leave traces of surfing on such websites. Here VPN lets you anonymously search through the web without being in the eyes of government. You have the freedom to research on your topic without explaining the purpose of your search.

  • Use risk-free public Wi-Fi:Top 5 Reasons To Use A VPN On Your Phone

    We often search for free or public wifi services to take the most usage of it. Either sitting in a restaurant, coffee shops, cabs, airports, malls or so, we eagerly connect to the public wifi. But most of the people don’t know that public wifi are not safe. Cyber criminals often targets public wifi to spread the malware like ZEUS virus, and the people using the infected wifi will also get infected. Also, you should never use the public wifi for online transaction. But we can do all this without being afraid, if you are connected through a VPN.

  • Peer2Peer Sharing of Files:Top 5 Reasons To Use A VPN On Your Phone

    P2P downloading and uploading of files is actually considered as illegal in most of the countries. Like downloading torrent files and illegally accessing movies or games from P2P sites are bad practice. As it is against the copyrights and also affects the business’s profit. But you are among the one who likes downloading, sharing or uploading files over P2P networks, then VPN may help you as it diverts your IP address to some other servers, so you won’t be traced.

  • Secure Your Privacy:Top 5 Reasons To Use A VPN On Your Phone

    The reasons to switch to a VPN is not limited to the above. But the most convincing factor is the online privacy. We all will agree to this, as being an individual we have different surfing habits, different reasons to be online so we need our freedom of surfing. A VPN make your presence as anonymous on the web, so we fear less about being under any surveillance of websites, government and third-party who collects your data without your permission.

Today security and privacy are the most challenging factors faced by internet users. Your data is not safe. Many companies are paying to websites and apps to collect the data of users and use them for advertising benefits. Also cyber criminals and hackers uses various techniques to breach your privacy, if you are not cautious while surfing. A VPN can help protect your online privacy everywhere. Based on above scenarios, we recommend TunnelBear that is both secure and affordable.

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Hope this article was helpful to you, leave your comments why you would choose a VPN.

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