In this Digital world, we are much more inclined towards mobile phones, online shopping, Virtual-assistants and hands-free devices. Today we would prefer shopping online rather than physically visiting the shops. We get instant information or daily tasks done via smartphones, social media platforms and so on. This made a need for the digital advertisements. In broader sense, we say them “Digital Marketing”.

What is Digital Marketing and Why the advertisers should adopt it?

In simple words, digital marketing means the promotion of products and services by the means of digital technologies. With the expansion of technologies like Artificial intelligence, cloud-computing, Chat bots, Voice-assistant, machine learning and data analysis, brought a major change to the old-school marketing strategies. Now people are more influenced to the trends of digital media. All thanks to the internet.

Why going up with the digital trends is so important today?

The answer has a much more deeper sense, if online advertising is a river then Digital marketing is an ocean which is too deep to dig. Marketing strategies does have a very broader impacts on the Businesses today, either big or small. Whether it is a real estate, educational institutions, retail, automobile, food, health and so on, the goal is to reach on the top of the trends.

With dozens of predictions and lots of analysis, marketers have already mapped out the trends of digital marketing that will dominate the business domain this year.

As digital marketing develops each year, advertisers should know about the changes so as to effectively adjust with rising technologies, trends and get an edge in the market. This will enable them to pick up a focused edge and become ready to grow better approaches to develop their organizations, create leads and improve the relations with their current clients.

This article from Fullestop describes the major digital marketing trends that will dominate the business world this year.

Lets take a brief of the new technologies that has changed the era of Digital marketing with an infographic.

The Era of Revolution of Digital Marketing

The Era of Revolution of Digital Marketing. Image Credit:

The new technologies that has changed the era of Digital marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing, which is a compelling source of business communication acts as a great instrument. The vast majority of the marketing organizations are now allowing their clients and customers to compose blogs about their item and services, which gives a better thought regarding the organization to the new guests. In addition, blogs additionally keep their clients and regular visitors updated about their services or products.

Voice Search

Innovations of Google Voice and Apple’s Siri have effectively made a major name for themselves in the digital world. Voice search gives exact responses to the clients without confusions, providing the ideal result for them. The huge number of the successful marketers make detailed voice content coordinating the clients’ requirements and offering innovative answers for their worries. In the digital marketing world, businesses are looking forward to improve voice searches in order to build its reputation and achieve goals.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been the popular expression nowadays. It is being implemented to make our work simpler. With AI, you would now be able to analyse the search patterns of your buyers, their behavior, and afterward use the information accessible over the different social media networks, alongside blog posts, and afterward implement these to enable organizations to acknowledge and take a shot at how clients reach their items or services. With AI, you can now directly connect with clients and discussions like these help in building a passionate bond by offering them with the essential data and tips.


Chatbots are also ending up increasingly dominant as a result of their ease of use feature for both the client and business. Now with the advent of chatbots, you do not need to wait for a return email or telephone call as these instant messaging technology enables clients to talk continuously with a business representative or business owner.

Social Media

Social Media platforms includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. and are intended to connect people, making it a powerful tool in strengthening relations with your customers. Social media channels empower your business to develop a conversation with present and potential clients. The way you respond, associate and offer by means of social media stages sends an important message about the type of business you are.

2019 is all about improving the client experience by providing better services. To remain ahead in the challenge, you have to improve grip on creating a custom content, coordinating it well with sound and video enhancements to attract the targeted group of viewers in order to increase your deals and build brand reputation.

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