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How Does a Wi-Fi Extender Work?

By |July 17, 2020|Technology|

How Does a Wi-Fi Extender Work? Are you facing trouble with your Wi-Fi? Do you have a good router and still keep on buffering? Do you get internet connection issues in just some areas in your house? Worry not! We have the best solution for you. All you have to [...]

The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing 2019

By |July 3, 2019|Technology|

In this Digital world, we are much more inclined towards mobile phones, online shopping, Virtual-assistants and hands-free devices. Today we would prefer shopping online rather than physically visiting the shops. We get instant information or daily tasks done via smartphones, social media platforms and so on. This made a need [...]

Top 5 Reasons To Use VPN On Your Phone

By |February 22, 2019|Technology|

Top 5 Reasons To Use VPN On Your Phone Internet Surfing is now a basic need for everyday life. It goes along you. Your browsing habits depends on your personality and interest. Whether you like to stream movies, play online games, some technology enthusiast, love cooking, dating or just surfing [...]

Blockchain Technology-A Beginners Guide

By |January 5, 2019|Technology|

Understanding the Blockchain Technology Blockchains are the most talked and debated term nowadays. But what is the Blockchain all about? Some say it like a new internet or some define it as the aspect of crypto-currency. Well yes it is, but blockchains are far more than that and is not [...]

Cloud Computing-A Beginners Guide

By |July 31, 2018|Technology, Trending|

Cloud Computing For Beginners Welcome To The World Of Cloud Computing “Cloud Computing” is widely accepted in the world of Business. Offering feasible and secure alternative to the conventional network server and hardware based IT infrastructure. Although this terminology is still not very clear to the beginner. But its ultimate [...]

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