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Share With Us-Guidelines for Guest post to UnboxHow

Get recognized to vast audience by guest posting your unique articles to Unboxhow.com.

If you are a blogger, or advertiser then we give a platform to contribute article, products or services with us.

Unboxhow encourage young bloggers to showcase their content to the range of topics and get recognized with the wide audience. But, before requesting to submit a guest post at Unboxhow.com, please go through the following guidelines to get the approval.

Why Guest Blogging?

Whether you are an individual blogger or a company/brand, guest blogging can help you get the quality traffic in your niche. This will take your business/blog to the next level as you will be known through your unique contents on the blog.
So, what you get from guest blogging are:

  • Quality traffic to your website;
  • Reach to wide range of audience;
  • Grow your website and search engine authority;
  • Influence audience with your quality content on different blogs;
  • Help get you recognized as an author or publisher;
  • Improve your skills and credibility;
  • Build your brand name and increase subscribers;
  • Boost your social media profile.

So, are you ready to share your unique content with us? Follow the guidelines to get assured approval of your contents and give more exposure to your blog or brand.

How can you become a contributor to UnboxHow?

To become a regular contributor at Unboxhow, here are some quick checklist to follow that will help you get your article shared with us:

  • Go through our homepage and check out the blog to get to know our niche and articles we publish.
  • Quality content will only be accepted which has a clear focus, keywords and right target audience.
  • Also, you through our category list that we accept article from .Here is the list of our categories for which we accept articles:
    • Trending News
    • Technology
    • Entertainment
    • Gadget
    • Android
    • Internet
    • How To
    • Web browsers
    • Windows
  • Along with these, if your article have a unique topic or from e-learning, online courses, affiliate marketing, travel and lifestyle. Then do send us, we will review your content quality and if it unique, then rest assured you will get an approval.

Next, if you are thinking of contributing an article at Unboxhow then, review a few things before submitting it:

Writing Guidelines

  • Article Should be minimum of 1600 words that cover the topic whole. It should not be incomplete and concluded well.
  • Your article should be unique and if you use any images, videos or reference from any other website then do give credit. It’s an ideal tips for a good blogger. Give credit to others work.
  • Article should contain images, as images speak more than words but it should be related to your topic. Also to avoid any copyright issues use your own screenshots if needed. You can use canva or Flickr to create your unique images.
  • If you like to get your videos published to our YouTube channel and then,
    You need to create your unique video and just drop us an email then we will let you know how you can post your video to our channel.
  • Your article should have no spam links, as we only encourage genuine authors and contributors. If your contents get approved with us then we will surely give you a chance to grow your blog/brand with us. 
  • Do not copy content from other website, it is strictly prohibited and you will be banned immediately. Also you need to give us a copyright ownership for the content. So in future we may not get into any copyright issues.
  • For Backlinks – Unboxhow offering paid backlinks services.

For any other queries regarding the above, Please don’t hesitate to contact us by using contact page.