Netflix Profile icons gets a Makeover: Choose the best character from Netflix originals

Netflix is rolling out to get a makeover to its user profile icons. At start of the Netflix user had to share the same account with their family members or friends. That means the watch-list, recommended contents and favorites were all around for everyone using the account.

In 2013, Netflix one of the best online streaming service provider introduced user profile. Netflix New Profile Icons gave a personalized contents to each of its user. So that everyone using the same account within household could have their own user profile. Now they can manage their own watch-list, favorite shows and many more as per their preferences.

User profile getting over 100 new icons

And, now to celebrate its 5 successful years, Netflix is launching over 100 new profile icons. Also the existing user profile icons are getting a makeover with new colors and design.

Netflix New Profile Icons
Netflix New Profile Icons are square-shaped that you can choose among the most iconic characters from the Netflix’ originals. As Netflix now has its own web series and original contents loved all over. You can choose the character which best suits you like Luke Cage, Steve Harrington from Stranger Things, or Crazy Eyes from Orange Is the New Black.

The change is expected to be rolling out over the next few weeks, across all Netflix’s platforms like mobile apps, TV apps, and on the website.

How To Get Netflix’s New Profile Icons

To create a character specific User profile on Netflix:

  • Open your Netflix account
  • Click your name on the top right, then click “Your account
  • Next, click “Manage profiles
  • Add a profile

You can also assign new profile for your kids by choosing from the Netflix’s smileys or any Netflix original series character.

This may not be a drastic change in the Netflix but yes a more user interactive and interesting makeover to the existing Netflix user profile. So enjoy within next few weeks, be ready to choose the best character as your profile icon.

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