Lost Your Job Due To Covid-19? Keep Calm and Read

Undoubtedly, in this phase of COVID-19 pandemic, we all are stressed out, due to some reasons or the other. With lots of challenges coming up on our way, we are now living in “New Normal“.

The COVID-19 crisis has had dramatic effect on the economy worldwide. Due to following the strict social distancing norms, our work culture is now so much different. Eventually, various sectors have to put their business to halt, thus affecting the jobs of millions of people.

In a situation we always ask a question to ourselves-“What to do if I lost my job due to Covid-19”?

Needless to say, the ongoing challenge of maintaining livelihood after losing job due to Covid-19 is one of the biggest trouble individuals are facing these days.

So, if you are one among them, then it’s the right place to get some of the most accepted measure to fight with crisis due to Covid-19.

Lost Your Job Due To Covid-19? Here what you can do

Lost Your Job Due To Covid-19? Here what you can do

Go for the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security(CARES)

According to CARES Act implemented on March 27, individual can apply for their beneficiary and can get an additional amount weekly. This beneficiary amount to an unemployed may vary from state to state or country to country. Although, there are various terms and conditions, which you should go through to check what benefits you can get or the eligibility criteria. Mainly UBER drivers, delivery persons and related job holders can easily avail with CARES unemployment benefits.

Stay Updated With the Latest News And Happenings

Stay tuned to the updated news. as there are numerous help and opportunities offered by government.  In this phase of economic crisis, higher authorities are running numerous programs and projects that help you to get skilled. This will not only help you get engaged, but will add value to your resume.

Get Benefits From Community Programs

Community programs acts as a lifeline. Specially for those people who find it difficult to carry out government norms for getting unemployment benefits (eg.CARES). Since community programs are developed based on the need of a community.  So, it carries a balanced budget within an effective timeline. So, it best for part-time jobs.

Work On E-skill and Freelancing Careers

Due to Covid-19, IT sectors have found various new challenges. And so is opening and expanding for new skills and technologies at a high pace. So, developing E-skills and freelancing projects can help you to get those extra incomes. As we are getting extra time due to work from home, so this is the best time for earning while learning. These extra developed skills will also open opportunities for further future.

Cut Down Extra Expense

While looking out for jobs or other employment opportunities, you must think to spend wisely what you have. So, if you want to sustain this crisis, the you should think about cutting some of the unwanted expense, which will help you to cope in any emergencies. Be strict to your expense and try to prevent yourself from overspending like on streaming subscriptions, ordering meals, bulk purchases etc.

Plan For Long Term Goal

Don’t panic and get frustrated thinking about your current situation. In fact, you can utilize the time to re-think on your future plans. Be calm, and think of some freelancing opportunities which will help you to earn from home. Be patient as everything will be back on track soon.

So, now it’s time to think, plan and wait for the correct time to execute them. Meanwhile, do things which can add up to your skill and be strongly prepared for future.

Boost Up Your Social Network While Maintaining Social Distance

This is an ultimate time to boost up your social network. As we now entirely dependent upon online work, spending most of our time in social media interactions. So its better to put this idea to work, by building strong network profile via LinkedIn, online Workplace and other services.

Suppose you come in contact with 5 people in a day, more or less 2 person will surely keep you in their mind for future opportunities. So, try to expand you network every day.

In addition to all the recommendations on “what to do if you lost your job due to Covid-19”, there are several informative contents available over Internet. And one thing to that is suggested for all is be patience and try to get skilled with any work that can help you to lead a satisfied livelihood in this pandemic of Covid-19.


The effects of Covid-19 are coming as a curse for jobholders due to ongoing recession. But on another hand, it is offering that extra time to think for other possible opportunities that can open a new door of career to you.


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