Lenovo Introduces ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses

At CES 2021, Lenovo unveiled the ThinkReality A3 smart glasses.

The tech company announces the advanced and most intelligent digital transformation for the enterprises. With virtual displays, 3D visualization, AR display and many more features, the smart glasses are meant to “transform the work across all levels” .

“These are the most advanced and versatile enterprise smart glasses in the market and it’s part of a total strategy of bringing comprehensive digital solutions to help with that intelligent transformation that businesses always tell us that they’re working so hard towards,” Lenovo senior story technologist Kevin Beck said. 

“In this new normal of distributed workforces and hybrid work models, businesses tell us they’re looking for new technology and they want to collaborate more intelligently.”

Lenovo said that the ThinkReality A3 is more focused on flexibility as such they could be “immersive but not isolating“.

ThinkReality A3 smart glasses Features:

The ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses

The ThinkReality A3 Image: Lenovo

  • The smart glasses is built on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR1 that gives high-quality performance.
  • It is featured with stereoscopic 1080p display that allows users with upto 5 virtual displays.
  • Camera resolution is 8MP RGB that provides 1080p video quality that helps the remote workers hd clarity.
  • For room-scale tracking, there are also dual fish-eye cameras.

“The A3 is a next generation augmented reality solution – light, powerful and versatile. The smart glasses are part of a comprehensive integrated digital solution from Lenovo that includes the advanced AR device, ThinkReality software, and Motorola mobile phones. Whether working in virtual spaces or supporting remote assistance, the ThinkReality A3 enhances workers’ abilities to do more wherever they are,” said Jon Pershke, Lenovo Vice President of Strategy and Emerging Business, Intelligent Device Group.

The ThinkReality A3 smart glasses will have 2 models:

  1. The PC edition and
  2. The industrial edition,

The PC edition will tether to the laptops as well as smartphone. While the industrial edition will be able to be tethered to a Motorola flagship smartphone via a USB-C cable as per the needs of the smart workers. Both allows the prescription lenses. This will allow people to perform their work in the factories, hospitals, labs as well as retail and hospitality spaces.

What does The AR devices Includes:

Lenovo ThinkReality AR device includes:

  • The ThinkReality A3 smart glasses and
  • A6 headset.

The ThinkReality A6 headset is featured with full sensor array, 1080p resolution waveguide optics, expandable memory. It also has removable battery that extends the use of the head mounted display.

When can you expect your ThinkReality A3 smart glasses

As per the company, the smart glasses will be available by mid-2021 in select markets worldwide.

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