Does Google SPY On Me? How To Prevent Tracking?

By |October 7, 2020|Internet|

Does Google SPY On Me? What data it tracks? Which information does it stores? What does it do with our data? How to prevent Google from tacking? Yes, Google and other search engines do track our data. And we won't deny somehow we allow them do so. For the sake [...]

Risks Of Public Wi-Fi: What You Need To Know

By |October 20, 2019|Internet|

Risks Of Public Wi-Fi We, humans, are simple species. Whenever we are offered something for free, we latch onto it as quickly as we can. It can be food, money or even data. It wasn’t long ago when people weren’t data-hungry. Nowadays, there is an extremely high demand for the [...]

VPN For Secure Browsing-It’s Time to Switch

By |February 7, 2019|Internet|

When you are online, you are not alone… Whatever activities you do on the internet, the web browsers and the IP address has all the traces of it. These traces contains browsing keywords, visited website info, IP address, active location and many more. Cyber criminals and various advertising companies constantly [...]

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