How To Remove Unwanted Pop-up Ads From Chrome Browser

Web surfing become too annoying when pop-ups and ads appear from nowhere upon your web pages. We install extensions to block them, they are somehow solve our problem. But do you know, you can block them permanently from your favorite browser without installing any extension or add-ons.

How to pop-up ads from chrome browser

Yes, that’s true, web browsers are also concerned about their user’s privacy. Common web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and so. Here, we have tried to sum up the tips and tricks to block annoying pop-up advertisements from chrome browser.

Steps to block pop-up Ads from Chrome.
This can be done by enabling Pop-up Ads blocking feature on your chrome browser. Follow the steps to manually block the pop-up ads.

Enable Chrome’s Pop-Up Blocking Feature

  1. Open your chrome browser, and select the chrome menu by clicking on the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner;
  2. Click on “Settings;
  3. On the search bar appearing on the page, write “popup” or type “chrome://settings/?search=popup” on the address bar;type popup with the search field
  4. Now, click on “Content settings”;content settings on the chrome browser
  5. Under “Content Settings” menu, select “Popups” (check if it says “blocked”).
  6. If it says “Blocked”,then it is correct. Else if it says “Allowed, then you need to configure it.block popup within the settings of the chrome browser
  7. Click on the “Popups, toggle the button next to the settings which says “Allow”.Toggle the button to block the pop-ups from chrome browser
  8. Now your Popup status is set to “Blocked”, which is the recommended one.pop-up blocked from the chrome browser

Now, you can Add/Remove sites within the Block and Allow section.

To block a site:

Click on the Add menu within the Block section;click on the Add button to block any URL of the website from chrome browser

Now. type or copy/paste the URL of the website which you want to block from your web browser.

type the URL of the website which you want to block and then click on add
To manage blocked sites, you need to click on the three dots icon appearing on the blocked URLs. Here you can edit/remove or block the sites.

Similarly to Allow any website for showing pop-ups,
Click on the “ADD” menu within the “Allow” section and type the URL of the site.

Like this way, you can keep on Managing the setting as per your preferences.

If this does not solve your browsing problem, then there is a possibility your computer is infected with some annoying Adware like “Ads by Lyrics“, “Somefungames” and so on.

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