How to Remove A Follower From Your Instagram Account

Social media account are now part of our lives and a smarter way to connect to our near and dear ones. We share our moments, vacations, thoughts and even some daily stuffs. This is true fact, that we can’t live without them.

But we also need to very careful as to whom we choose as our friends, followers and who can see and share our posts and pictures.
Privacy matters to every one of us and in each platform whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or so so.

So, here we want to share with you an important Instagram update that is rolling out this week. Instagram added a new layer to its profile manage section, where a private account owner can manually disallow a person from following them without blocking him/her.

Yes, that’s right..and Instagram will not let that person know that the person have been removed from the followers list.

To Remove a Follower from your Instagram Account:

Follow the simple and quick steps to remove any of your followers you don’t want to have them in the follower’s list:

  • Open your Instagram app and select your profile section.
  • You can see the list of your followers who are following you in Instagram.
  • Beside the names you can see a “Follow” button. Next to this is a three dot icon, you need to tap on this and then click on “Remove”.
  • This will disallow the user from following you.

This Instagram feature was not available for everyone till now. But is started rolling out and soon all private account holders can use this feature.

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