How To Recover Photos From A Formatted Hard Drive

Today, we are totally dependent on digital platform for all sorts of activities. So as the case of backing up our memories that stays with us in digital the format. People today have a constant urge to click every moment of their lives in form of selfies, photos, group selfies and so on. Whether we are using any DSLR, camera, mobile phones, tabs and so, we take out some time to back them up in the hard drive.

Many of us think that, it is a best solution to store these millions and billions of pictures. This is probably because of space, convenience and privacy. You can store almost all the images of festivals or your vacation in the hard drive.

But as the time changes, this trend of storing photos should also change.


If these photos go missing from your hard drive? The reason being either virus attacks like ransomware, undue crashing, malware, corrupt data, or accidental damage.

The fact check: Any files or data once formatted by any of the above reasons cannot be recovered. Because, once we hit the format drive button for any unwanted reason, the data does not go to Recycle bin. Thus we lost the data from the hard drive permanently.
So in such a situation, you will quickly search for backups to your other devices to restore them. According to my point of view, most of the people doesn’t do that.


But, you do not need to worry we got your back to take you out of this situation.

There are various Data Recovery tool or dedicated Photo Recovery tools are available that can surely be helpful to recover your lost media files either images, audio, videos and more of various supported extensions.
This article will show you step-by-step recovery steps using Stellar Photo Recovery Tool.

The Best method to recover your photos from formatted hard drive is to use a tool that retrieves your data within a fraction of minutes. The tool which we are talking about here is a verified tool which is tried and tested by the Experts- “Stellar Photo Recovery Professional Tool “.

This tool works its best to scan and detect your lost or somewhat corrupted data from your hard drive. It can recover photos from all the devices that support storing photos like DSLR, webcam, CCTV etc. You just need to attach the device with your computer and select the device to recover. The best part of this tool is it produces the preview of the images with original name, time and data, including other details. Thus, this makes the recovery very convenient and easy.

Stellar Photo Recovery Professional Tool is available in both Windows and Mac platforms. It restores the lost data like a pro.



  • You need to be cautious about one thing that no background processes work simultaneously when this tool is working.
  • Better not to use the formatted hard drive instantly after formatting it, because it may override the files or data. This can interfere with the recovery.

How to recover permanently deleted Photos from a formatted Hard Drive – step-by-step guide?

  • Download the Launch Stellar Photo Recovery Software.(Windows)
  • Click ‘ Select What To Recover‘ Like Photos, Audio and video.
    How to Recover Photos from a Formatted Hard Drive Step 1

    How to Recover Photos from a Formatted Hard Drive

  • Next, ‘select the drive’ from which you want to recover the photos or other media files.
  • Click on ‘Scan’. The scan will show the all the media files that can be recovered. Preview the files.
  • Check-mark the files from the list you want to recover.
  • Select the location to which you want to save the recovered files. (better to choose a different location, you can even choose any external storage like USB drives or DVDs or external hard drives).
  • Click on ‘Restore‘.
For Full recovery steps with pictures please see: How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Windows.


A Brief about Stellar Photo Recovery Tool

How to Recover Photos from a Formatted Hard Drive

How to Recover Photos from a Formatted Hard Drive

Stellar Photo Recovery Tool is the finest choice of recovering photos that is available in the market. It is the most chosen tool among a wide variety of them. This tool efficiently recovers photos, videos and audio files that are no longer present on the hard drive or permanently deleted from your hard drive.

A Deep Scan feature is the most crucial feature that helps retract photos from different locations. This tool retrieves pictures in all the formats, whether a jpg, jpeg, png, and so on. It is useful in tough times and produces results in no time.

? Why Stellar Photo Recovery Tool?

These are a few points as to why you should choose this tool:
✔ High Success rate
✔ Best Quality and with original attributes
✔ Supports FAT32, exFAT and NTFS for photo recovery
✔ Facilitates raw file engine with an advanced scan engine
✔ Retrieves photos from the hard drive in no time.

Key Features:-

  • Photos are restored with original quality and attribute.
  • Supports various devices and operating system for retracting photos.
  • Multiple formats of photos, videos and audio files are supported.

Final Words

We think that keeping our data in the hard Drives is safe. But it is time we should forget this notion and start taking precautions for the consequences we can face from it. When we lose the rather backups of data on our hard drives, we then realize the importance of backups. Backing up your data at different locations is the solution that is best for situations like these. You can back up your data online while some syncing services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. You can use cloud backup solutions as they are the most secure and ones. Above all, you can access your data from anywhere.


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