Password Protect Zip Files

Protection of files is the most important and basic thing we all should do to prevent it from being tampered, stolen or to maintain privacy. So, here is the most simple and quick way to password protect zip files and keep them safe.

Although there are various file-compression tools available, we recommend the best one that is : WinRAR.


It is the most popular tool used by the Windows users with till now having more than 500 million users. Aside to compression files, it has lots more functionality to offer.

For example, virus scanning, split archive, multivolume, password protect and so on.



WinRAR allows you to set a password for the archive, after which every time anyone attempts to open the file, it will ask for the password. So this is a thing which everyone should try.
You need to download and install the WinRAR, which comes with a 40-day trial period so that you can evaluate the software. Check out the full review of WinRAR here.


Quick Installation of WinRAR:

Installation is very simple and quick:

Click to download → Open the file to install → Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

WinRAR Installation Guide

WinRAR Installation Guide

Once done, launch the WinRAR on your screen.

WinRAR Dashboard

WinRAR Dashboard

Next step is to create a zip file and password protect it.

How To Create an archive and password Protect zip file with WinRAR:

  1. Click on the “Add” and choose the file or folder you want to compress;
    Create a Zip

    Create a Zip

  2. You can rename the archive name and format like Zip or RAR and location;
  3. Now, within the wizard, click on the “set password“;
    Set a password to zip

    Set a password to zip

  4. Here, you need to enter your password and re-enter it to confirm;
  5. Click on “ok” to apply the changes.
    Archiving password

    Archiving password

  6. After that, when you try open the file, it will ask to enter the password to unlock the file and view them.
    Enter Password

    Password Protect Zip Files

  7. Likewise, you can add files to your archive and create a new one and password protect them.

What, if you want to set a password to already zipped file. So, for this, follow the steps given below:

How To set password To a Zipped file

  1. Right click on the Zipped file and choose “Open With WinRAR“;
  2. On the dashboard, click on “Tools”;
  3. Next, you need to choose “Convert archives” option from the menu;
  4. Select your zipped folder and Browse the location you want to save the converted zipped file.
  5. Then, click on “Compression“;
  6. This will take back to your the “General” Tab of the WinRAR, here now you can click on “Set password“;
  7. Now, follow the steps 4 to 7 to add password to your zipped files.

If you like this feature of WinRAR and wish to continue then, we recommend buying the full-version which comes for lifetime validity.


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