Hubspot has surveyed that 82% of a consumer leave a website if it does not have HTTPS security. This Website Security is one of the factors that affect search engine optimization! Because Google must suggest the maximum value websites to search users. In addition, they are the ones ensuring your site is safe to visit and it will never breach users’ data or other details. Hence, Website Security has become the most vital part of SEO!

Lacking online security measures could drastically influence your SEO Ranking. As an experienced digital marketer, you must never forget the importance of Website Security! So, are you ready to know how online security affects SEO? Let us get started with the top five ways!

HTTPS is the best ranking signal

Running a website means, you need to achieve organic search rankings. For that reason, HTTPS is important! It’s hassle-free to be trapped in the mindset of understanding what Google wants to see in a top-notch website; understandably, there is nothing wrong with that.

However, you must know your ultimate goal! It has not to satisfy Google; instead, it has to delight the visitors and deliver quality services and products.


It means providing users with authoritative and relevant content and delivering adequate results that are safe to be communicated. Hence, it leads to having an SSL certificate for full-fledged security!

To protect your website data and demonstrate to users that you have done this, you must buy SSL Certificate and install it on your website.

Get better conversions

Website visitors often prefer highly secure connections, and it is a fact that the sites that follow best practices for UX usually rank better in the SERPs. According to the Global Sign survey, 84% of users would call off a purchase if the data were transferred through an insecure connection.

On the other hand, 82% of people never prefer to surf an unsecured website at all! However, when a customer visited your store and raised concerns about anything, you would do everything possible to eliminate that issue.

Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rate (internet marketing) concept. Businessman (marketer) draw growing graph of rise conversion rate.

This is how you can create a loyal customer base along with a raving fan! The case is the same with online shopping! Here, an enormously large number of users search for services and desired products.

To make your prospects and customers feel protected around your site, you need an SSL certificate installed on your site. Hence, without wasting time, you must buy SSL Certificate today for better conversions and a higher SEO ranking. Moreover, timely renew SSL certificate to provide constant security to customers.

Users must see that you’re credible

People who visit your website will be on the alert for deal-breakers that are not secure. When they see you do not possess HTTPS in the URL, they will leave it immediately, affecting your SEO Ranking. On the other hand, if your web pages have maximum bounce rates, your shortage of security could be a leading reason.

In addition, of course, you can go and solve the problem, but you need to remember that people have already had an adverse experience with your site. Therefore, regenerating credibility takes some time! You can work on this issue by implementing Website Security and making your site the best one where customers can leave their positive reviews only.

It is the best tip to improve your SEO score. You must have provided huge time into boosting your overall SEO ranking, so it is time to be attentive and show users that you value their security.

Obsolete software boosts vulnerability

Often the website owners have bypassed the “update now” flash, mainly if they are right in the middle of a vital project. However, overlooking software update features could be fatal as it increases vulnerability. Everything from the plug-ins, CMS system, and security software to your operational platform need a constant upgrade. Hence, you must not delay the updates.

Cyberattacks have been on the rise, and to impede scathing attacks, you need to keep updating the obsolete software. It has been observed that companies persecuted by Trojan or ransomware attacks drastically increased by 68.5% in 2021.

Be careful about getting blacklisted

A business website with inadequate security does not imply you have any malicious objective. However, lack of protection of your site puts you at a higher stake from the hackers. Regardless of how long you have had your website or how much pleasure is on it, you must be protecting what is yours.

No one wants to discover that all his or her hard work has been altered. In case you do not know how to keep your site secure, you are putting everything in peril. However, something which might shock you is SEO is a leading reason for every website hacking take place.

Have you done link building? You will understand how crucial it is to work with well-known sites. Unluckily, when it comes to improving his or her SEO, nobody is righteous. Hence, without full-fledged protection, your site can be hacked with the intent of someone placing links on the site. Therefore, you will not be able to understand the issue until it is too late.

On the other hand, if someone tries to hack you for link building, you might assume that they will link to areas where you would not want to be connected with your site.

Here, search engines let you digest the spam and could blacklist your business website. Nevertheless, Website Security helps safeguard the integrity of your site. Hence, you will not be penalized due to the hackers’ malicious intents. However, even though you purify your site after being blacklisted, it could take a while to recoup where you were before in the SEO Ranking.


Webmasters take Website Security into concern due to the surge in cyberattacks. The direct consequence of a security breach is it can lower your SEO Ranking. Therefore, these top five factors show how Website Security affects SEO! While following these ways, you can detect any breach prior to Google

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