For most of us that are familiar with VPN services and the evolution of the AI world, have you ever wondered how they impact each other? Or, does one cause a few setbacks for the other?

Which is it?

In this guide, I’ll be highlighting the relationship between VPN protection and AI technology. But first, let’s discuss them both in detail.

What is a VPN? Do we need it?

There are many reasons why we’d need a VPN, with the main purpose being internet protection. A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is a security tool that helps protect your device, and data/ It even allows you to safely access numerous streaming services, websites, apps and more without any geo-restrictions.

It comes with the strongest encryption standards that help shield all your online activities, your IP address, your physical location and more! However, not all VPNs are the best, and in fact cause more harm than good. To find a secure provider, you need to go through VPN reviews, test the app, and then invest.

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There are also situations where you might live within heavily censored or surveillanced countries, like those within the 14-eyes alliance. The alliance forms a group of countries that steal user data, log it, and share it among the other countries or third-party companies for various reasons.

What is Artificial Intelligence? How is it used in modern technology?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to a computer or machine’s ability to think, learn and reason like a human. It was developed to limit the burden on human resources and eliminate human error.

You’ll be surprised at how much modern technology grounds itself on AI. It ranges from industrial machinery, hospital equipment, computers, cars and the list goes on. Even websites are run through AI.

However, websites that use AI do monitor and steal user data, but at the same time are also used to protect a user’s privacy.

For instance, a VPN uses AI mechanisms, and enforces the data protection and privacy of their users.

How does AI impact the use of VPN services?

AI is based on human learning, and for that, they need to be able to acquire user data from various sources around the internet.

  • You’ll even find platforms like Facebook that use certain AI driven tools.
  • YouTube also uses AI tools to help censor certain content that may be deemed as violent or promoting extremism.

This is to protect the users on the platform from being exposed to such things.

Even though AI is used for the greater good, and has been utilized in the best ways, there are still a number of platforms and countries that abuse its perks. AI is now being used for censorship and surveillance. This brings up a few security and privacy concerns among users on various platforms.

For example, let’s talk about China. China among many other countries observes strict online surveillance and censorship. The number or websites, apps and streaming services that are banned are limitless!

To top that, the Chinese government has introduced alternative apps that operate on AI technology. These are used to spy and monitor all user activity and store it. When you enter these websites or use these apps, a huge part of your data is stored, for e.g. your IP address, passwords and email IDs.

This is one of the biggest reasons why VPN services are now the most sought after security tools. It helps battle against AI-based censorship, data retention, and more.

An AI enabled VPN

AI is used for many things, with a VPN app being one of them. You’ll find most VPN services benefiting from Artificial Intelligence. It’s like a war between both parties using AI.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence in a VPN software, now allows bigger and better ways to protect users from online threats, protect them from data retention, and other possible attacks like malware or phishing attempts.

When a user connects to a server through a VPN, the software uses AI to make sure that the user’s physical location is masked with the IP address that is provided with the VPN. Then there are other factors like making sure the Ping response of each server is optimized.

Ways Artificial Intelligence has impacted VPN services: 

  • Stronger encryption
  • Protection of user data
  • Extermination of online threats
  • IP masking
  • Better or faster speeds and to dodge ISP bandwidth throttling
  • Unblocks multiple services despite of censorship

To conclude

Artificial Intelligence is indeed seen throughout modern technology and it will soon take over the entire digital world. Yes, it paves the way for a comfortable life for most of us, taking on difficult tasks that humans cannot handle.

However, as mentioned above, there are many countries or personnel that are using this advancement to their advantage. Some might be for a great cause, but most revolve around reasons that aren’t acceptable nor ethical.

Thus, a VPN can help lower the risks of data retention and protect users from many online threats that are enforced through AI.

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