How Does a Wi-Fi Extender Work?

Are you facing trouble with your Wi-Fi? Do you have a good router and still keep on buffering? Do you get internet connection issues in just some areas in your house?

Worry not! We have the best solution for you. All you have to do is get a Wi-Fi Extender for your place.

What is a Wi-fi Extender?

Just as the name suggest, the Wi-Fi Extenders extends your wifi to places your router cannot reach. This can be due to interference like furniture, walls, doors, or general spacing.

Wi-Fi Boosters, Wi-Fi Extenders, and Wi-Fi Repeaters: What’s the difference?

Wifi Extenders

How Does a Wifi Extender Work?

Wi-Fi Boosters, Extenders, and Repeaters are pretty much the same things. These are the devices that improve the Wi-Fi coverage at your place.

  • Wi-Fi Boosters are connected to your wireless router via an Ethernet port, and then broadcasts the incoming connection into a stronger additional wireless signal.
  • Wi-Fi Repeaters are wireless network repeaters that will catch the same wifi signal from your router and rebroadcasts it. As it is connected wirelessly, it is necessary to place it near your router to maintain a stronger connection.
  • However, Wi-Fi Extenders are connected to the router through a wire and use the same signal and extend it to farther places in your house.

Overall, Wi-Fi Extenders are the best solution to boost your wifi to places your router finds hard to reach in your home or office. Now that you know what is the best solution for you let me tell you how does a Wi-Fi Extender work.

How Does A Wi-Fi Extender Work?

A Wi-Fi Extender is connects to a router through a coaxial cable used for cable TV and the internet. Once the connection is made, it will then grab the existing signal and rebroadcast it on a different channel from its position.

It acts as a mediator that relays the connection to various nooks and corners of the house.

The best advantage of using a Wi-Fi Extender is that it directly connects via a coaxial cable or Ethernet cord. So, the possibility of interference is undeniably low. The bandwidth you get from a Wi-Fi Extender is the same as that of a router as it picks up the same frequency signal.

However, resulting in a stronger and reliable connection throughout the house.

Wondering if using a Wi-Fi Extender will resolve your problem? Definitely Yes!

wifi Extenders can resolve the Slow internet connectivity Issue

Wifi Extenders can resolve the Slow internet connectivity Issue

When You Need A Wi-Fi Extender?

In most cases, the ideal spot for routers, is the living room of your house. However, this often bother you with connections in the rooms that are upstairs or other places of your house. This is when a WiFi Extender comes handy.

You can install the Wi-Fi Extender in such a room that has better coverage on the second floor of your house. You can also choose to install it in such a room that has an outdoor access point.

This way you can also extend the connection to your back porch or deck. And enjoy browsing through the internet while sipping on your cup of coffee amidst the fresh air.

If you happen to face slow connection issues when guests are over or multiple devices are connected at the same time. In such a case, you can also opt for a dual-band Wi-Fi Extender that will provide Wi-Fi signal across greater distances maintaining the stronger connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Wi-Fi Extenders really work?

Yes, Wi-Fi Extenders receive the existing signal and transmit the boosted signal to increase the coverage area of your router. It can help your wifi reach far corners of your homes and offices, different floors in the building, and even extend it to your yards and porch.

2. Where should a Wi-Fi Extender be placed?

The placement depends on the area you want to extend your coverage to. As it is connects to the router through a cable, it’s not necessary to place it near the router. All you have to keep in mind is the lesser the interference, the farther it will go. You can keep it in a room on the second floor so the connection is available upstairs. Or you could also place it in a room that has clear outdoor access so that the coverage area is increases to the porch too.

3. Does a WiFi Extender slow down the internet speed?

No, a Wi-Fi Extender won’t slow down your internet. If you have a slow internet despite using a Wi-Fi Extender that’s probably because of your Internet service provider or that the device in which you are using the internet is far away from the extender and facing high interference.

4. Can I use multiple WiFi Extenders in my home?

Yes, you can use multiple Wi-Fi Extenders in your home. Just make sure to connect them directly to the router through a wire. Also using multiple extenders will only increase the coverage area for Wi-Fi. If multiple users are browsing, then it’s sure to reduce the speed of the internet as all the extenders will be using the same signal from your router.

Final Words

Wi-Fi Extenders are a great option if you want a reliable and strong internet connection over a wider coverage area. But remember whatever the issue may be, it’s important to use the correct router and extender for your use. However, the placement of the device plays a vital role when you are looking to increase the coverage area.

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