Facebook AI Launched Automatic Closed Caption Feature For Facebook Live

Facebook has made accessing the live video content more easy. The AI researchers at Facebook announced enabling the automatic closed captions for Facebook Live and Workplace Live

Currently, the automatic closed captions supports six languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and French.

In this Covid-19 pandemic, there was a demand for the continuous updates of the current crisis. As Facebook plays an important role in sharing of information via videos, news and audios. Thus, people around the world have been looking for heath updates, news broadcasts, video streaming and so on. 

Surprisingly, June 2020 saw double the number of Facebook Live broadcasts from various pages and groups. compared to previous year.

Thus, the ongoing advancement of the ASR (automated speech recognition) of Facebook  saw a sudden need of it. With the automatic closed caption for Facebook live will now be able help government to easily broadcast the health information. Thus ensuring that information not only easily reach to common people, but also users having hearing impairments.

So, during this phase Facebook AI launched automatic closed caption for disabled totally justify its updates.

Also. the Automatic captioning for Facebook Live will help the staffs at heath organization and employees get informed with the latest health updates.

How Automatic Closed Caption Helped The people Having Hearing Impairments

A recent survey by WHO, says that nearly 5% of the world population (nearly 466 million) is prone to hearing disability. Beside this, the number can increase to 900 million by 2050.

That is why Facebook AI automatic closed caption will ensure that everyone can get the demand and supply of informative contents without much difficulty. It also makes sure that authorities can conveniently supply essential notice on public health.

ASR Behind The Facebook AI automatic closed caption

Facebook AI is using smart algorithm to detect the authenticity of content. It protects all contents that falls for positive purpose. Due to flood of contents on Facebook, monitoring huge traffic can easily be noticed. It put lots on pressure on ASR (automated speech recognition) requests.

ASR formulated by Facebook AI mainly constitute of three components:

  1. An Acoustic Model: It is responsible for predicting phonemes from short segments of an audio.
  2. A Pronunciation Lexicon: It relates how phonemes get together to form words of a specific language.
  3. A Language Model: It captures relation between an acoustic model and a pronunciation lexicon.

Thus, updates on Facebook AI enabled automatic closed caption are required to fulfill the need of disabled. It keep updating every user, even when they are streaming live.

In this way, Facebook assures its user to get the best of its AI features. Although, there was a major setback because of the background noises and entangled conversation during Live streaming. This basically distracts user from the main topic.

But, with the automatic closed caption, live streaming is now become easily accessible. 

Bottom Line:

The ongoing benefits of Facebook AI’s automated speech recognition (ASR) will effectively monitor crucial information and convey it to millions of viewers who are in need to get rightly informed.

Thus, the Facebook AI automatic closed caption will now ensure disabled to get the right information at right time with Facebook Live and WorkPlace Live.

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