As a business entrepreneur, you always search for channels to advertise and promote your business. There are basically two types of marketing mediums, online and offline. When we talk of offline, we refer to marketing through print media, billboards, flyers, handouts, television, and radio.

In online you utilize web-based channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites to promote your business. As an entrepreneur, it is absolutely necessary for your business today to have an online presence.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the medium through which you reach out to people all over the world and endorse your products and services. Simply put, it is that marketing activity which uses digital devices and mediums.

According to a survey by nearly 40% of online buyers use search engines as their primary source for searching for products. It is, therefore, important to know the effectiveness of digital marketing tools.

Small businesses find it expensive to hire professionals to help market their products or services. This needs hefty investments that a small business cannot afford to spend at its fledgling stage.

This is where you look for tools which will help you to give a kick start to your business.

So what are the tools for digital marketing and why are these necessary?

Digital marketing tools are various apps which help you to plan, strategize, and implement your digital marketing strategies.

Here are some great tools available to take care of your digital marketing needs:-

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the most famous email marketing software used by millions to take care of their email marketing effort. When you start a business, you start building an email list of prospective buyers. This is where Mailchimp comes in handy when it comes to designing your email. It is reliable, easy to use, has all the necessary features and also free to start with.


Mailchimp has loads of attractive email templates which make your task easier.

You can design attractive emails using it. Moreover, it comes with a scheduling feature which you can use to send your emails to your prospective buyers. It also helps you to send automated emails. So whenever you have a new product or service coming up, you can update everyone by sending an automated email.

2. Social Media Tools

Posting on various social media platforms is a very time-consuming activity. You require tools which will post on your behalf at a pre-defined time. Two popular social media tools are Hootsuite and Buffer which help you to schedule and post.

Hootsuite helps you to manage and regulate all your social media accounts from its platform. It is easy to operate and more importantly, it is trustworthy. Buffer has analytical features to track and analyze your social media posts.


It can help you to schedule your posts by tracking your followers’ activity and suggesting you the best time to post. It also helps in your content creation and shortens the link to the posts.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating engaging, relevant content for your audience to search and read so that you get new customers. If you own a website, good content can attract potential customers to it and help them convert to actual buyers. It is an effective way to promote your brand, product, and services to attract and retain consumers.

It is a means by which consumers get their pertinent questions answered.

How does it work? Usually, customers use keywords to search for information. If your content contains keywords, consumers visit your site to know more about it. Useful content can help build awareness about your products, which in turn leads to conversion.

4. Google Search Console

GSC is a free tool provided by Google to help monitor your website’s performance in Google search results. This information helps you to troubleshoot any problem which may affect your site’s presence.

This gives you a complete analytical picture including impressions and clicks. This tool is essential to managing your site’s SEO performance.

google search console

5. OptinMonster

This paid software helps you to create a sign-up form for visitors to your site to collect their email ids. You can later use these email ids to send emails, offers, and promotional emails to help attract visitors and convert them into buyers.

OptionMoster offers some professionally designed templates to help you in creating engaging emails.


6. Canva

You require some tools to create graphic designs and visually attractive marketing materials to attract consumers. Canva helps you to design banners, social media posts, headers, business cards, and flyers even if you do not have any prior experience with this.

It has an excellent range of professionally designed templates which makes designing your promotional graphics easier. It also gives you an option of uploading your own pictures to use on the designs.


7. Google Ads

Google Ads a paid online advertising tool through which you can promote your business online. These ads can be text-based ones in the search results or images that are displayed on websites, also these ads help drive traffic to your website.

Thereby increasing brand awareness and can be customized for your target audience so that the ads will show up whenever your target audience is looking for a product similar to yours.

google ads

As is one of the most sought websites, it pays to invest in Google ads to reach a wider customer base and generate better business for you.

8. Tailwind

Among the various social media platforms, Pinterest is regarded as the most effective channel to drive traffic to your website. It is because of the stunning graphics that immediately catch the attention of the consumer. By clicking on the graphic, he is directed toward your website.

Tailwind is the tool which helps in creating personalized pins, spreading them to different relevant boards, and helping you to build a community with users having similar products.


This is a comprehensive list of digital marketing tools to help create and advertise your products and services online. Some of these tools are paid ones, though they also have free versions with limited features. It is better to start with free tools, build your business and then move on to the paid ones.

With these digital marketing tools, you can always plan, strategies, and give a great start to your business plans. All the tools mentioned above are user-friendly and do not require a pro to handle them. All of these offer plenty of resources and features to help you get started. You can plan your next campaign with ease and confidence.

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