Before probing deep into the detailed review of Dashlane, it is essential to know what it is and how it can be worth.

Dashlane is a cross-platform password manager tool that gives you the relief from remembering passwords . But that is not only the password managers are all about? What are the extra features that Dashlane offers? How convenient is it to use Dashlane? How can you get it and what it costs for you? Everything you will find here.

This section presents a detailed overview of Dashlane as a whole, along with its characteristics, specialties, technical details and functionalities. This article is basically about Dashlane in a nutshell.

If you choose to have all of your passwords under the unified shed of an encrypted roof, then, believe me, nothing can serve you better than a password manager, a vital tool of security.

Remembering password is always a tough, but storing them in browsers and devices or using the same password everywhere should never be an option.

So, if you still don’t know how password managers can be helpful the read: 7 Ways Password Managers Can Be Helpful

Dashlane-Not only password manager, it has more to offer

Dashlane has secured its place among the various password manager tools, because its user-friendly interface, versatility and security. Apart from providing the basic feature of storing passwords in a secure environment, it offers auto form-filling, secure logins and storage of sensitive details like credit card info and so on.

It’s a cross-platform tool that can be easily synced to multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Apple, iOS and Linux. The data stored in a virtual platform gives it complete secured environment and the ease to access to any devices at any time.Dashlane password manager

What is so unique about Dashlane?

The working mechanism of Dashlane is unique itself. It offers virtual vaults with virtual lockers, each of which is assigned to distinct websites and application software with corresponding combinations of username and password for the accounts in the sites used by the customer. Due to its virtual existence, the sets of username and password remain safe here.

There are a number of features that facilitate easy use and clarity of situations to the users. Some of them are discussed in this section:

The Embedded Technology:

Well, Dashlane has a business of “zero-knowledge technology“. This means that the master password for any account of any user for any websites is not transmitted online or stored in some database. As a result, the overall security of the data contained in Dashlane cannot be questioned. Even the engineers who look after the growth and development of this password manager have no access to the master passwords of any user. The best part of Dashlane is that, there is no involvement of any middleman.

By using the highest technology of encryption, Dashlane prevents its users from the clutches of remote attacks or phishing.

Identity Dashboard:

A complete and clear picture of the scenario of online security of every user is provided here. The dashboard has a very clear appearance and basically focuses on improving the security status of every user. In order to do so, this section features with key metrics and alerts related to the real-time scenario of the email logins, credit card, Phone numbers, and other information stored within.

Dark web monitoring with personalized alerts:

Dashlane Dark web Monitoring

Dashlane Dark web Monitoring

If in any way, information of the user is provided in any website, where it should not belong, Dashlane immediately releases alert notifications to the user. In response to this alert notification, the users can take necessary actions.

VPN for Wi-fi Protection:

Dashlane VPN Feature

Dashlane VPN Feature

Dashlane comes with in-built VPN service, thus the online activities of the users, especially when they are connected to some unsecured Wi-Fi network are fully secured and would not leave the browsing trails. This prevents hackers from extracting required information for their illegal activities.

Password Changer:

Dashlane Password Changer

Dashlane Password Changer

This is again the most loved feature of Dashlane, as it allows to change the password of your online accounts with a single click, thus you don’t have to update it every where. But to use the feature the site should have that functionality compatible with Dashlane, but again not to worry because till now there are more 500 sites that have Password Changer functionality enabled. With one single click, thousands of passwords in different sites can be changed very easily and quickly.

Secured Sharing:

Dashlane Sharing contact

Dashlane Sharing contact

Sometimes, it becomes necessary for users to share their account-related credentials with their inner circle– friends and family members. This sharing is made very secure through the restriction of a one-to-one basis sharing at a time. The shared credentials can be managed and revoked at any time as decided by the user.

Emergency Contacts:

Dashlane Emergency Contact

Dashlane Emergency Contact

Last, but not the least, Dashlane provides the facility of listing out the emergency contacts. In case there is a huge problem in the entire digital security system of a user, and he or she becomes temporarily or permanently unreachable via all modes of communication, then the contact details enlisted in the section of emergency contacts is resorted to by the house of Dashlane.

How compatible is Dashlane?

Another feature that makes Dashlane one of the most demanded, is its wide range of compatibility across various platforms of connectivity. However, every online forum nowadays requires some basic minimum specifications for smooth running and delivering the best results.

  • It must be noted that it is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and MS Edge in the form of web extension;
  • The minimum system requirements for Mac is Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan;
  • For Windows OS are: Windows 7, 8, 10 and latest versions.
  • iOS 10 and Android 4.0. Support for Linux (on Firefox and Chrome).

That Dashlane is always open to new changes and modifications for advancement is evident from the fact that Chrome OS got added in the form of browser extensions when Dashlane 5 first stepped into the world of internet in the year 2017.

How cost-effective is Dashlane?

Apart from the lots of security features, Dashlane may appear a bit costly as compared to other password manager tools. But the cost cannot overshadow its features. Today there are different tools for different tasks like storing passwords, access to multiple devices, VPN security, dark web monitoring and online shopping with a secure environment and so on.

So in this scenario, we found the Dashlane to be cost-effective. It comes with both free and premium plans:

The free plans offers : Storing and managing 50 passwords, auto-fills, security alerts and access to one device.

The Premium Plans: Costs $39.99/year or 3.33/month, covers the basic feature with unlimited password storage, VPN service, dark web monitoring and access to multiple devices.


How easy is the installation procedure of Dashlane?

The Dashlane has the very easy and quick installation procedure. Also, it offers the automatic installation of the  web extensions to the compatible web browsers.
Next step is to create an account for Dashlane with your valid email address and a master Password that is used for managing the entire account.

The most important thing to note is, you need to remember the master password only. But another thing associated with this is if you forgot your master password, then you cannot recover it, as the due to complete security, Dashlane does not allow to recover/ reset the master password.

After that, the Dashlane has the categorized import options to store all your logins from mobiles, browser and other devices all at a single place.

You can choose both Desktop or mobile device for initial set up, and later on adding another device will ask for verification email or two-factor authentication for mobile device which sends OTP to authenticate the device. So, you can see how much secure your data is with Dashlane.

Tips For creating a Strong Master password:

Some details must be remembered before starting off with Dashlane. And those are the tits and bits of creating a perfect password. Most of the website recommend or restrict the passwords to have a minimum of 8 characters. The first character should be an alphabet in upper case. The remaining characters must have at least one numeric character (0 to 9) and at least one special character ($,@,&, etc.). Use of punctuation marks and quotation marks generally remain prohibited in the password creation of most of the sites.

“Dashlane is the most popular password manager globally”— Why?

Now comes the most important feature that explains the popularity of Dashlane. This technologically hyperactive century has no time to lose. So mobile applications are increasing day by day, both in number and variety. Dashlane also provides its version of mobile app both on iOS as well as Android app stores. Hence, it is beyond doubt that Dashlane is all ready to cope with the velocity of technology in today’s world keeping in mind the latest advancement of digital security systems across the globe.

So, if you decide to select the best password manager for your safety, go for the option chosen by more than a hundred million people across the globe.

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