WhatsApp Gold Scam virus 2019: What you should know and do if you receive the download link.

A hoax message is being spread on WhatsApp suggesting users to update their WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Gold. This scam message makes users believe that there will be enhanced features and lots more to do. This scam is being addressed by the ‘martinelli’ message which suggest users what they needs to do.

Whether you are using any social media platform Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat or twitter, scams and hoax are everywhere. Our security and privacy has been put to question every time with these scams and cyber threats attacks. As the new year begins, so is the scams ….

The first week January started with a message spreading among whatsApp users encouraging the download of WhatsApp Gold again. Although this scam is doing rounds since 2016 but is again active through a scam message.

WhatsApp Gold Scam 2019

However, users should know that this is a fake update that tricks users into installing any virus on their device. This message is creating a havoc among the users and they are worried what should they do with the link.

Although WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption to make the communication more secure. But there are various bad developers and cyber offenders exploiting it. This again true with “Martinelli” scam message.
But to understand the “Martinelli” warning message you first need to know about the WhatsApp Gold scam.

What is WhatsApp Gold scam

A fraud message with a link designed by cyber criminals that tricks users into recommending the download of WhatsApp Gold which has premium features.

“Wow! Finally Secret WhatsApp golden version has been leaked, This version is used only by big celebrities. Now we can use it too.”

WhatsApp Gold Scam 2019

WhatsApp Gold Scam 2019

Scammers spread this message to WhatsApp users to upgrade their account to Gold. But it is actually fake, it message embeds a link which upon clicking redirect users to malicious websites. Visiting such sites may download other sorts of malware and put your device to huge risk. It is nothing more than a scam and is nowhere associate with the legitimate WhatsApp service.

Martinelli-A Scam message spreading on WhatsApp

Researchers found Martinelli associated with WhatsApp Gold scam as it mentions about it in its scam message.

The message received on the whatsApp reads:

“If you know anyone using WhatsApp you might pass on this. An IT colleague has advised that a video comes out from WhatsApp called martinelli do not open it, it hacks your phone and nothing will fix it. Spread the word.”

This scam message again created panic with WhatsApp Gold in 2017, that opening the video will download the virus on your phone and you will have no way out to fix it. While the researchers found no such video out.

What should you do if you Receive WhatsApp Gold or Martinelli hoax messages

Since the growing use of WhatsApp as an instant messaging app, any security flaw or vulnerability either ion your device or app can expose to such scams. Exploiting the flaws many times, such scam messages injects to the WhatsApp user and further it spreads through the contacts.

So, whenever you receive such message delete them quickly. Do not click any link or video embedded within. Also, you should know that WhatsApp and any other legitimate applications will automatically send you update notification and never like these kind of messages. You should always avoid downloading fake apps on your Phone and follow some guidelines to keep it secure.

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