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Uninstall Application/Program from the control panel.

Uninstall Application_Program from the control panel

Uninstall Application/Programs from the control panel

This guide explains you how to uninstall any application from Windows OS. It is also helpful when you encounter any unknown or harmful program installed without your notice. Carefully follow the steps below to uninstall unknown applications.

There are several ways to open the “Control Panel, but we have mentioned here the simple one that will work on all windows operating system.

Press “Windows + R“. Type “appwiz.cpl” and press “Enter“.

Now from the appearing list carefully look for any suspicious/doubtful programs which you have not chosen to install. Also check the date on which the unknown/suspicious app was installed, uninstall all such apps.

To uninstall a program:

  • Click on the “name of the program” and then click uninstall. It will ask for your permission to do any changes to the program. (make sure you are logged on with your Administrative account).
  • Click on “yes” to uninstall the program. Repeat this step until you are sure you have uninstalled all suspicious programs.

Tips: You may get a message that “You don’t have administrative access to remove this application”. In that case open control panel with an administrative mode. Follow the info-graphic guideline mention below.

Windows 7 Uninstall Application
Windows 7 Uninstall Application
Uninstall Program From Control Panel. Win 8, 10
Uninstall Program From Control Panel. Win 8, 10.

If the program you are supposed to uninstall is a part of any Adware/malware, then it will not be removed by using the control panel utility. As it modifies various system settings and installs various files within the system directories. It is not easy to trace them and remove manually. This can be done only by professional uninstaller program.

An automatic program uninstaller lets you choose the unwanted program you want to remove from your computer that can’t be removed by using control panel. And after removal, it cleans out the temp files, junks and settings modified by the program. This will ensure the complete removal of the Adware or any unwanted program

We recommend Express Uninstaller– Why?

Click To Download
  • Completely Removes applications, software programs that control panel fails to do.
  • Removes leftover items of the program like folders, files, junks and registry entries.
  • Easily scans through the web browsers to remove any fake toolbar, plug-ins and extensions completely.
  • Frees up Disk space by scanning deeply, fixes issues and removes any potential risks.
  • Get the uninstall feature for Free always.




Steps To Run Express Uninstaller

  • Click To Download Express Uninstaller
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software
  • Once launched, the Express Uninstall window will open. It automatically scans to show the report.
    Express Uninstaller Home
    Express Uninstaller Home
  • Click on “View programs” or “Uninstall” Tab to choose the unwanted programs to remove.
Express uninstaller uninstall program
Express uninstaller uninstall program
  • After that, choose the “Toolbars and Plugins” tab to remove any unwanted toolbars from browsers.
    Express uninstaller toolbars
    Express uninstaller toolbars
  • Once done, you can choose the programs set to auto start up from the “Startup” tab. Choose enable or disable the program.
    Express uninstaller startup
    Express uninstaller startup
  • Now, the final step is the “clean up”, run the clean up to remove all junk, temp files, unwanted registries to free up the disk space and boost performance.


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