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Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse threats enter silently on the PC and do a lot of changes to the host machine. Know more about Trojans, how they spread and how to stop them.

How To Remove Amadey Trojan Virus

Amadey Trojan The Amadey is a malicious tool along with hacking capabilities. It is detected as a botnet Trojan that is developed by some cyber-offenders to breach the security of the target system. Amadey botnet Trojan was initially detected in the...

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How To Remove Prnntfy.exe Trojan

What is Prnntfy.exe file? Why the process is showing 90% of the CPU usage? Is it a malware? What can it do the target computer? These queries may run in your mind, if you encounter Prnntfy.exe process on your computer. Don’t worry here is the...

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How To Remove BalkanRAT_BalkanDoor Trojan From PC

BalkanRAT Trojan A severe malware campaign to continuing to target the resident companies of Balkan. It is a combination to two threat tools -a backdoor Trojan and a RAT (remote access Trojan). Thus, it is named after its attack campaigns at Balkan...

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Remove SystemBC Virus From Windows OS

SystemBC Trojan Operates Silently SystemBC is a malware that is being widely spread among Windows users via exploit kits. This Trojan threat operates silently in the background and accomplish some specific tasks. Once activated on the system, the...

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How To Remove GozNym Banking Trojan

What is GozNym? GozNym is a destructive threat that is also known as banking Trojan. The threat combines two infamous malicious programs named as “Gozi ISFB” and “Nymaim“. The Gozi ISFB is also known as Ursnif that is data...

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