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Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse threats enter silently on the PC and do a lot of changes to the host machine. Know more about Trojans, how they spread and how to stop them.

How To Remove XpertRAT Malware From Infected System

XpertRAT is a harmful program that is particularly designed to grant remote access to the hackers on the target system. Thus, it is considered as a remote access Trojan threat, that can execute various harmful actions on the infected system...

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How To Remove NitroHack Malware From Infected System

NitroHack is a newly detected malware that is designed to particularly target the Discord application. It is well-known instant messaging application that has more than 250 million users. Due to its popularity, the application is often being...

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How To Remove VikroStealer Malware From PC

VikroStealer is a malicious program that is designed to steal the sensitive data stored on the target system. Thus, it is often used by cyber-criminals to distribute it via various deceptive means. If the system gets infected with this virus, then...

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