How To Restrict Browser To Open The Tech Scam Page

Many times we encounter unwanted programs that take control of the browser. We try manually uninstalling the extensions and block the pages, but it appears again and again. This happens because the program adds its argument to the target properties of the web browser’s shortcut. So, even if you have manually removed this unwanted or suspicious extension, this will allow the malicious web page to load automatically once the browser starts.

You need to remove the argument created by the malicious program from the browser’s shortcut file to stop being redirected to a particular page.

  • On your desktop, right click on the browser’s icon –> click properties.

Chrome Browser Property

  • On the “target” field check the complete URL(press forward arrow from your keyboard to look for the whole address);
  • If you see any malicious URL after “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” http://site.address, then you need to delete the URL from there and click on “Apply
  • And then click on “Ok”.

Remove Unwanted URL from Browser Property

  • Repeat this for all installed browsers.

Restart your computer normally and check if everything is working fine. Now scan your computer system to remove any other traces of tech scam virus and its associated programs. This ensures complete removal of the threat. Check out To Reset Your Google Chrome On Windows.

NOTE: If you are not a tech-savvy, then we advise you instead of manually removing the malicious programs, you should choose the automatic removal of the malware threats. As manual removal can be tricky and involves an understanding of the system’s crucial settings like registries, background processes and the difference between system file and malicious files. You will have to have patience and follow each and every step carefully.

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