Is Segurazo a virus?

Segurazo Antivirus, also SAntivirus Realtime Protection Lite. claims to be a real-time protection software. It offers features like scanning for threat, detection, quarantine, privacy and online safety. Thus, it is supposed to provide complete protection to the system. However, it is a potentially unwanted program, often regarded as a “Virus“.

Why we are using the term virus, is because it often gets downloaded on the system from deceptive ways and makes removal a tricky process. Other than that, it does possess any worthy features and just tricks users to show fake scan reports. The PUP operates by showing showing non-existing issues on the system that tricks users to buy its software license to fix the issues.


Name Segurazo
Type  Adware, PUA, Fake Optimization tool
Risk level Low
Description Segurazo arrives as a freeware that is likely to show fake scan reports. Further encouraging users to buy it.
Occurrence freeware downloads, Visiting suspicious websites like YouTube downloader, fake streaming links and so on.
Possible Symptoms Fake scan reports, system slowdown, worthless purchases, other adware installation
Detection Tool

Run a Scan Now– For Complete Removal of Segurazo security Experts Recommend using a reliable anti-malware tool

How “Segurazo” Gets Install On The System?

As mentioned above, the rogue application is often distributed through variety of deceptive means. While the program is active since 2019, so it is continue to trouble users since then. Often this program is silently installed along with fake YouTube Downloaders like,,, and many such.

While such deceptive pages claims to download YouTube videos, but users should never rely on such services. As they are only meant to drop other adware program along with the files.

Also, if you often install freeware then you should uncheck the option of additional program downloads. So, as to avoid installing any bundled software.

What Happens When You Install SAntivirus?

If this program gets installed on your system, then it takes no time to appear on your screen. Like any other anti-virus program it has the free version that lets user scan for the threats or other issues on the system. However, on presenting the scan reports when user attempts to remove the threats, it asks to “upgrade to pro” version of its.

Segurazo Fake Antivirus

Segurazo Fake Antivirus

Since the Basic plan does not provide the real-time protection and other features, so it convinces users to buy it. However, both its basic or pro version is not capable to provide any protection. Instead, will run in the background and make various changes to it. Often users may face slower system performance, frequently alerts from the software of fake scan detection, and even browsing issues.

The CON artists behind such tricks takes advantage of the scare tactics to drive their attention. And make them purchase their fake software that is completely worthless.

So, many security experts consider the Segurazo as unsafe and should be immediately remove from the system.

How To Remove Segurazo fake Antivirus?

The program uses SegurazoSetup.exe file to install on the system. After which it makes various modifications to the registry keys, start up and task mangers. So, users may find manual removal a tricky process. Thus, it is better to use a reputable anti-virus program like SpyHunter or HitmanPro to detect all the malicious files associated with the program and remove them safely.

In this guide, we will try to explain both manual and automatic removal methods to get rid of the virus. But if you are not familiar with the system’s internal settings then avoid doing it. Rather choose a safe way.

It is also important to have a reputable anti-malware program active on the system to avoid such issues in the future. 

Remove Segurazo or SAntivirus PUA Manually

To Manually Remove Segurazo fake anti-virus, follow the below steps carefully:

The manual steps guided below are the links separately made with caution, to avoid any confusion to our readers. Please follow the links below and perform them one by one.

Steps 1: Remove Segurazo or SAntivirus Realtime Protection Lite From Control Panel.

Before starting the removal steps, you should disconnect your computer from internet connection. As it may trouble you removing the virus.

  • In the taskbar, click on the “Search” icon. And Type “Apps And Features;”
    Apps And Feature Windows 10

    Apps And Feature Windows 10

  • When the “Apps And Features” window opens, you can see the list of applications installed;
  • Go through it carefully and search for Segurazo or SAntivirus;
  • To remove Segurazo, click on it to expand; And click on “Uninstall”.

    Segurazo Uninstaller

  • Else, follow the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Segurazo folder. Here, you can find the uninstaller file for the application.
  • Look for SegurazoUninstaller.exe, give a double-click to it, that will run uninstaller. You can follow the uninstall instructions to finish uninstalling it.
  • After it finishes uninstallation, Click NO to restart computer.
  • Now again go to the same folder, in which you may see SegurazoKD.sys and SegurazoShell64_v1069.dll files still there. Now perform the below steps to remove both the undeleted files.

Step 2: Clean Windows Registry Keys And values Created By Segurazo

  • Press “Window key+ R”.
  • Type “regedit” and press “Enter”.
  • Click “Yes”, if you are prompted by User Account Control
  • On the left menu, click on “Computer” to select all the registries.
  • Expand the left menu “Computer”.
  • Go to “Edit” from the top menu. Next, click on “Find”.
  • Type Segurazo and Press “F3” to search or click On “Find Next“.

Here is the list of registry and key values set by Segurazo program 

Device\HarddiskVolume5\Program Files (x86)\Segurazo\SegurazoClient.exe
  • The search result will show all the registry files. Check if the found item is correct.
  • Select the segurazo and right click on it then choose delete to remove it.
  • Continue to press “F3” to delete all the items related to the program till all the links are gone.

Steps 3 : Remove Undeleted files of segurazo Using CMD

  • In the search bar, type “cmd“, when it appears, click “Run as administrator“;
  • Click on the “Allow” to the user account permission;
  • Now, you need to execute the commands to force delete the files associated with Segurazo;
    Segurazo Uninstaller using cmd

    Segurazo Uninstaller using cmd

  • del /f C:\Program Files (x86)\Segurazo\SegurazoShell64_v1069.dll
    del /f C:\Program Files (x86)\Segurazo\SegurazoKD.sys.
  • Now, click “Enter” from your keyboard. Close the Window;
  • Next, again open the file location “C:\Program Files (x86)\Segurazo” folder and try try deleting the folder again. This time, hopefully it will allow you doing so.
  • After that, Empty the Recycle Bin, so that the files don’t attempt to restore itself.
We hope these steps have helped you to remove Segurazo Antivirus from your system. However, if you still see the program or skipped any steps. Then you need to remove the malicious files associated with the program using reputable security program. Also, it is recommended to scan the whole system to detect its sources and other adware that may have arrived along with it. 


Step 4: Scan And Remove Segurazo And Other Malicious Programs With Anti-malware

As we said earlier that Segurazo makes manual removal tricky. And you may have to make several attempts to do it. So, it is always better to choose a security program to safely remove the harmful program without affecting the others.

Our Recommendation

Here we will suggest, Spyhunter 5 as well as HitmanPro real-time security program to remove Segurazo fake program. Follow the below instructions for both.

“Windows OS: Use SpyHunter To Scan And Remove Segurazo (Recommended)”

SpyHunter is a giant among the security programs. It uses advance threat detection method to remove any sort of Adware/PUPs, Browser hijacker, Trojans, Rootkits, Fake system optimization tools, worms, and rootkits.

Besides that, it provides 24/7 protection from any unsolicited programs, vulnerability or rootkits attacks. Thus, keeping SpyHunter actively running on your computer add an extra security layer.

Click here for Full review And Installation Guide. 

Steps To Perform System Scan with SpyHunter 5

  • Once the program is installed successfully, the SpyHunter 5 Anti-malware program will launch automatically. If it does not then locate the SpyHunter icon on the desktop or click on “Start” ? “Programs” ? Select “SpyHunter”.
  • Now, To start the scan click on the “Home” tab and select “Start Scan Now” button. The program will now start scanning for SAntivirus and other associated programs.
    Start Scan Now For

    Start Scan Now

  • The scan will report will all the details of the result about Segurazo along with system errors, vulnerabilities and malware found. PUP Found

    Segurazo PUP Found

  • Once you have found Segurazo as shown in the screenshot below: PUP Removal

Segurazo PUP Removal

  • To select an object for removal, just select the checkbox at the left of the object and click on “Next“. You can select or deselect any objects displayed in the “Malware,” “PUPs” or “Privacy” tabs. It has a “Select All” feature that allows to select or deselect all objects displayed in a specific tab. To utilize this feature, simply select the checkbox at the left in the specific tab (9).
Select Objects To Remove

Select Objects To Remove Segurazo

  • Once you have selected which objects you would like to remove, click the “Next” button.
    Press Next To Remove

    Press Next To Remove Segurazo

If you want to know more about it, you are welcomed to check out the full review of SpyHunter 5.

“Windows OS: Use HitmaPro To Scan And Remove Segurazo (Additional)”


HitmanPro.Alert is an advanced anti-malware program that takes on proactive approach towards threat behavior and its activities. This is a real-time malware program that delivers protection from latest threat. Including crypto-malware, ransomware, exploits, spyware, risks related to online transactions.

Thus, running HitmanPro.Alert on your computer will provide your real-time status, checks the browser integrity and alerts or any suspicious activity. So that you can have a safe browsing and online transactions. Read the full review of HitmanPro.Alert here.

Steps To Install And Run HitmanPro.Alert

  • Click on the provided link to download HitmanPro.Alert anti-malware;
    Download HitmanPro.Alert

    Download HitmanPro.Alert

  • Now, open the download folder to locate “hmpalert3”;
  • Click on it, to begin the installation;
  • It will ask your User Account control, if prompted click on “yes”; The download should begin shortly. HitmanPro.Alert window will appear, where you need to choose the options:
Click on Install

Click on Install

  • Choose Protection level as Maximum
  • And tick the other boxes and finally click on “Install”.
  • HitmanPro.Alert only takes 5MB of your memory and is very quick to install.
HitmanPro Scan Process

HitmanPro Scan Process

  • After the installation is complete, the scan will start. First scan may take up some minutes, as it will scan the whole computer.
    HitmanPro Scanning

    HitmanPro Scanning

  • The scan results are here. Carefully look down the list. You can here, the scan has found 1 Riskware and thousands of traces which can be risky.
    AV Threat Detection

    AV Threat Detection

  • You can select the threat to delete, quarantine, ignore or, mark as safe. If you want to remove all the threats, then simply click on the “Next” button below.
    AV Threat Removal

    AV Threat Removal

  • HitmanPro.Alert first creates a restore point and then starts the removal process. This helps to recover from any damage.
    Delete Threats

    Delete Threats

So, by performing the above steps, you can get rid of Segurazo.

However, these steps may help you successfully remove Segurazo or SAntivirus. But you should be cautious while you do any kind of online activity. So, always pay attention to what you choose to download, as various freeware downloads come as software bundles.

Most often, these bundles may purposely drop other harmful programs on the computer. Therefore, it is better to opt for Advanced or custom installation procedure to avoid installation of unknown programs.

Hopefully, you may find this article helpful.

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