What is Qbit Optimizer Pro?

Qbit Optimizer Pro is promoted as a system optimization tool that claims to fix various system issues and enhance its performance. But it is not a worthy application, as it may falsely show issues on the computer and ask the user to purchase its license version to fully troubleshoot the issues.

It is an Adware that can risk your system performance and functionalities. This program is solely designed to promote advertisements until user buys its full versions. In fact making user purchase its full program and make huge profit through it, is the only motive of this fake tool.

If this program shows lots of issues on your computer, then do not quickly agree to buy its program. As it is completely worthless. Its presence can also drop lots of advertisements while browsing and redirect traffic to third party websites. So, if you still have this Adware installed on your system, then follow the removal suggestions to uninstall Qbit Optimizer Pro.

How it gets installed on the computer?

Qbit Optimizer Pro is mostly distributed through other bundled software programs as a freeware. Such programs rely on the installation of third-party programs to earn commission and thus, they does not disclose properly about the additional contents within the download package.

So, you may find, this fake tool installed on your computer without your consent. To avoid this, you should choose the advanced/custom installation option while installation any freeware program.

How it can affect your system?

Once Qbit Optimizer Pro successfully installs on your computer, it starts scanning the Windows Registry to find any issues and fix them. Every program or application we install have their permissions, user roles, settings and so on stored in the Windows Registry database.

Qbit Optimizer Pro Scan results

Qbit Optimizer Pro Scan results

Many times, when you remove any program, the registry associated with it, may not fully remove or some gets outdated or corrupted. In this case, we may face various issues related to Registry entries like xxxxx keys or subkeys not found, missing or corrupted.

There are more than thousands of registry entries within the database, if anything goes wrong, it throws an error. The tool claims to detect such kind of registry issues and fix them to make the system smooth functioning.

But it does not do so, in fact it shows fake issues designed by its authors to make users believe in its claims. And urge them buying its full version in order to resolve the programs.

But you should refrain yourself from doing so, and instead use a legitimate Registry cleaner program to scan and detect the registry issues. As Windows Registries contains important information about all the installed programs and system’s internal settings. Thus, you should never try manually deleting any files.

Note: First make backup of your Registry files before attempting any thing with the Windows Registry.

While, a good Registry cleaner, itself backup your registry files before deleting any fixing any issues. So, it is better to use a genuine Registry cleaner.

How to Remove Qbit Optimizer Pro Adware

Well, you may find the removal hard as it installs along with other Adware. They often hide few of their program files which makes the manual removal tricky. To completely remove Qbit Optimizer Pro Adware, you need to isolate its other files from the system and then uninstall. If anything remains within the system, it may install itself again and again.

This guide will help remove the potentially harmful program from the system.  And also fix any Registry issues created by this program.

Before you try to remove the virus manually, we suggest you to quickly scan your computer with an effective anti-malware program. This will help you quickly detect any any potentially unwanted program controlling this Adware.

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More information on SpyHunter, steps to uninstall, EULA, Threat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy. Spyhunter scans the infected PC for free but you need to purchase its full version for complete removal.

To Remove Qbit Optimizer Pro, follow these steps:

The manual steps below contains the instructions separately to avoid any confusion to our readers. Please follow the links below and perform them one by one. If you are going for the manual removal process, then we recommend you to print/download these instructions. Or you can open it from another uninfected computer or laptop. And follow step-by-step manual removal instruction: Windows OS PDF Guide.

Note: You should be cautious while performing the above manual removal steps.

End Qbit Optimizer Pro task from the Task Manager:

  • End task of Qbit Optimizer Pro

      End task of Qbit Optimizer Pro
  • Press “Window key+ R” and type “taskmgr” within the search field;
  • This will open the task manager window. Switch to “Process” Tab;
  • Check for the running process associated with the Adware;
  • Once you find it, move the cursor to it and give a right click on it. Now select “Open file location”;
  • Then click on “End Task” within the Task manager window;
  • Now manually delete the files that you found within the open window;
  • Empty the Recycle bin. (For full Guide)

Uninstall Qbit Optimizer Pro from Control panel

  • Click on the Start menu, and type “Control Panel” within the search box. Choose the “Control Panel” from the search results. Or just press “Windows + R“. Type “appwiz.cpl” and press “Enter“. It will open the control panel window.
    Open Control Panel From Run Command

    Open Control Panel From Run Command

  • Under the “Control Panel” window, choose the “Uninstall a program” option within the“Programs” category.
  • This will open the “Programs and Features” window, where you can see the list of installed applications on your system.
    Control Panel Uninstall

    Control Panel Uninstall

  • Now, scroll through the list and look for any potentially harmful program or suspicious ones which you don’t recognize. Select it and then click on “Uninstall” button on top menu.

Scan the computer with HitmanPro.Alert to detect other harmful programs and complete removal of Qbit Optimizer Pro




HitmanPro.Alert is an advanced anti-malware program that takes on proactive approach towards threat behavior and its activities. Its cloud-based scanning technique is deeply scans the system to the possible locations where threats mostly resides. This is a real-time malware program that delivers protection from latest threat, crypto-malware, ransomware, exploits, spyware, risks related to online transactions.

HitmanPro.Alert is best-in-class that provides various advanced features like:

  • Safe Browsing;
  • Exploit Mitigation;
  • Risk reduction:
  • Key-loggers Protection and many such.

Running HitmanPro.Alert on your computer will provide your real-time status, checks the browser integrity and alerts or any suspicious activity. So that you can have a safe browsing and online transactions. Read the full review of HitmanPro.Alert here.

Steps To Install And Run HitmanPro.Alert

  • Click on the provided link to download HitmanPro.Alert anti-malware;
    HitManPro.Alert Step1

    HitManPro.Alert Step1

  • Now, open the download folder or where your program is downloaded to locate “hmpalert3”;
    HitmanPro.Alert Step 2

    HitmanPro.Alert Step 2

  • Click on it, to begin the installation;
  • It will ask your User Account control, if prompted click on “yes”;
  • The download should begin shortly. HitmanPro.Alert window will appear, where you need to choose the options:
    HitManPro.Alert Step3

    HitManPro.Alert Step3

    Choose Protection level as Maximum
    And tick the other boxes and finally click on “Install”.
    HitmanPro.Alert only takes 5MB of your memory and is very quick to install.

    HitManPro.Alert Step4

    HitManPro.Alert Step4

  • After the installation is complete, the scan will start. First scan may take up some minutes, as it will scan the whole computer.
    HitmanPro.Alert step 4

    HitmanPro.Alert step 4

  • The scan results are displayed. Carefully look down the list. You can here, the scan has found 1 Riskware and thousands of traces which can be risky.
    HitmanPro.Alert step 5

    HitmanPro.Alert step 5

  • You can select the threat to delete, quranantize, ignore or, mark as safe. If you want to remove all the threats, then simply click on the “Next” button below.
    HitmanPro.Alert step 6

    HitmanPro.Alert step 6

  • HitmanPro.Alert first creates a restore point and then starts the removal process. This helps to recover from any damage.
    HitmanPro.Alert step 7

    HitmanPro.Alert step 7

So, now you are done, with the removal process with HitmanPro.Alert.

HitmanPro.Alert step 8

HitmanPro.Alert step 8

Run Registry Cleaner to fix any registry issues

After Removal of the harmful program, it is important to restore the damages done by it. As it attacks windows registry to add its keys and values to execute as the system starts. All these keys may help the program to regenerate its codes.

To repair the registry and restore to its previous state, we recommend the “Reimage Tool“, that cleans all the traces of threat and fix all windows errors.

reimage To repair Cloud.net virus

Reimage To Repair Qbit Optimizer Pro virus

While we hope this article help you to troubleshoot your issues. But still security experts recommends to stay cautious while downloading any freeware from the web. Always download the software from official websites.

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