What is Msvc.exe process? Why is it taking up 90% of the CPU usage? Is it a malware? What can it do the target computer? These queries may run in your mind, if you encounter Msvc.exe process on your computer.

Don’t worry here is the solution…

What is Msvc.exe?

Msvc.exe is a mining process deployed by hackers who use stealthily use the resources of the target PC to mine cryptocurrency. In virus terms, it is a cryptojacking Trojan horse virus designed purposely for this regard.

Msvc.exe miner program connects to the main pool of the mining and engage the CPU and power resources of the PC to compute the complex hashes. The very first sign of miner is, you may see your computer performance degraded to never before. The task manager will show huge usage, sometime 90%. Also your machine may get quickly overheated that may damage its hardware components.

So, if you have suspected a miner on your computer, then quickly remove it.

How you can get this infection?

The Msvc.exe Miner spreads through clicking on malicious links. These links can be found embedded as advertisements, comments on social media sites, video streaming sites. Some third-party site contain the scripts that load once the user visits the harmful page. This can silently inject the mining program on the computer.

The other way is downloading third-party software bundles that contain the miner program along. Freeware distributors does not disclose the additional package content and users quickly click through the next installation step without choosing the Custom or Advanced installation setup option. Similar miner program are : Wuapp.exe, Jcecn.exe, DBUpdater.exe and many such.

Thus, unwanted programs easily slip inside the computer.

What damages it can do to the targeted device?

Msvc.exe CPU miner program is may install anywhere on your computer as it is not a legitimate Windows process. The authors of the malware then uses the brute force the attack method to crack the login credentials of the server.

In order to connect the network to the mining pool. It also uses anti-detection techniques to escape the detection from anti-malware programs.

Once installed successfully, the Miner program takes up the all the available resources of the system to mine for cryptocurrency.

It connects to the main mining pool at port to initiate the mining process. As the mining process needs huge system resources, you might see your system’s performance negotiated. It may affect the other Windows process to carry out the mining task.

Msvc.exe Miner should be removed immediately as its presence for long may affect the lifespan of the computer.

Msvc.exe CPU miner

Msvc.exe CPU miner

Some of the effects of the mining on the infected system are:

  • CPU showing more than 90% usage;
  • Applications, games and videos might get stuck in middle;
  • System shows unexpected error;
  • System may ran out of memory, device gets heated;
  • Huge electricity bills
  • Computer shutdown or reboot automatically;
  • Performance degrade and many more.

It is thus highly recommended to remove Msvc.exe Miner Trojan.

How to Remove Msvc.exe Trojan

The removal process of Msvc.exe Trojan is tough like any other virus. It can leave you puzzled as it does too many modifications to the system internal settings. This may take enough time and patience to do it manually. That even may not ensure you complete removal.

For our readers to understand, we have put our best possible solution that can help to remove this threat. But we suggest you to only try this if you are familiar with system configurations, registries keys and its subkeys values and also boot settings.

While performing the manual solution, be enough cautious and if you get confused at any point of time, them leave it and take the help of powerful anti-malware program to detect and remove the virus. This will not only ensure safe removal of Msvc.exe Trojan but also restore default system settings.

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To Remove Msvc.exe Trojan, follow these steps:

The manual steps below contains the instructions separately to avoid any confusion to our readers. Please follow the links below and perform them one by one. If you are going for the manual removal process, then we recommend you to print/download these instructions. Or you can open it from another uninfected computer or laptop. And follow step-by-step manual removal instruction: Windows OS PDF Guide.




HitmanPro.Alert is an advanced anti-malware program that takes on proactive approach towards threat behavior and its activities. Its cloud-based scanning technique is deeply scans the system to the possible locations where threats mostly resides. This is a real-time malware program that delivers protection from latest threat, crypto-malware, ransomware, exploits, spyware, risks related to online transactions.

HitmanPro.Alert is best-in-class that provides various advanced features like:

      • Safe Browsing;
      • Exploit Mitigation;
      • Risk reduction:
      • Key-loggers Protection and many such.

Running HitmanPro.Alert on your computer will provide your real-time status, checks the browser integrity and alerts or any suspicious activity. So that you can have a safe browsing and online transactions. Read the full review of HitmanPro.Alert here.

Steps To Install And Run HitmanPro.Alert

      • Click on the provided link to download HitmanPro.Alert anti-malware;
        HitManPro.Alert Step1

        HitManPro.Alert Step1

      • Now, open the download folder or where your program is downloaded to locate “hmpalert3”;
        HitmanPro.Alert Step 2

        HitmanPro.Alert Step 2

      • Click on it, to begin the installation;
      • It will ask your User Account control, if prompted click on “yes”;
      • The download should begin shortly. HitmanPro.Alert window will appear, where you need to choose the options:
        HitManPro.Alert Step3

        HitManPro.Alert Step3

        Choose Protection level as Maximum
        And tick the other boxes and finally click on “Install”.
        HitmanPro.Alert only takes 5MB of your memory and is very quick to install.

        HitManPro.Alert Step4

        HitManPro.Alert Step4

      • After the installation is complete, the scan will start. First scan may take up some minutes, as it will scan the whole computer.
        HitmanPro.Alert step 4

        HitmanPro.Alert step 4

      • The scan results are displayed. Carefully look down the list. You can here, the scan has found 1 Riskware and thousands of traces which can be risky.
        HitmanPro.Alert step 5

        HitmanPro.Alert step 5

      • You can select the threat to delete, quranantize, ignore or, mark as safe. If you want to remove all the threats, then simply click on the “Next” button below.
        HitmanPro.Alert step 6

        HitmanPro.Alert step 6

      • HitmanPro.Alert first creates a restore point and then starts the removal process. This helps to recover from any damage.
        HitmanPro.Alert step 7

        HitmanPro.Alert step 7

So, now you are done, with the removal process with HitmanPro.Alert.

HitmanPro.Alert step 8

HitmanPro.Alert step 8

  • Step 4: System Restore Procedure

    • After Removal of Msvc.exe Trojan, it is important to restore the damages done by it. As it attacks windows registry to add its keys and values to execute as the system starts. All these keys may help the program to regenerate its codes. To repair the registry and restore to its previous state, we recommend the “Reimage Tool“, that cleans all the traces of threat and fix all windows errors.
      reimage To repair Cloud.net virus

      Reimage To repair Cloud.net virus

Best Practices To avoid Such Infections

  • Keep a secure firewall for the system. This will help block any unwanted internet connections to your device.
  • Do not open spam mail attachments from unknown sender. This is the common way through which malicious programs intrude inside. Thus, we should be cautious while getting mails from non-trusted sources.
  • Keep the software program updates, so that it does not have any security patches.
  • Be very cautious while downloading any freeware from third-party websites. Always download software programs from official websites. Thus avoiding any accidental download of Adware/PUPs.
  • Do not use public wi-fi for online transactions, as they are not fully secure and can infect the device.
  • Use a powerful anti-virus program that will keep track of the security.

By following the above tips, you can avoid viruses or unwanted programs entering on your computer. Hope this article is helpful to you.

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