GermanWiper Ransomware

Name: GermanWiper Ransomware
Extension: Ransom 5 characters like .ctNfy, .eRq7E, .RadEW, .08kJA, .AVco3
Note: Entschluesselungs_Anleitung.html
Ransom Demanded: 0.15 BTC
Email: ?

GermanWiper is a newly detected ransomware that simply acts like a wiper. It means, unlike other ransomware threat, it does not encrypt files instead it overwrites the contents of the files with zero-bytes. Thus, the files are not in a readable format and hence user cannot access them. To present itself as a ransomware, GermanWiper also appends various file extensions to the so-called encrypted files. Various extensions used by the ransomware threat are: .ctNfy, .eRq7E, .RadEW, .08kJA, .AVco3. It can also use any random 5 characters as its extension. Thus, you may see other extensions other than mentioned above.

The threat mostly attacks German speakers as its ransom note is deployed in German language. Again, the ransom note can be as 5 random characters followed by Entschluesselungs_Anleitung.html.

  • ctNfy_Entschluesselungs_Anleitung.html,
  • eRq7E_Entschluesselungs_Anleitung.html,
  • RadEW_Entschluesselungs_Anleitung.html.

By pretending to be a ransomware, the GermanWiper aims to earn illegal profit by claiming to encrypt the files and remand ransom to be paid to buy the decryption key from the authors. The price demanded by the authors of the malware is 0.15 BTC that is equivalent to $1500.

GermanWiper Distribution Tactics

GermanWiper is being distributed via malicious payloads within a LNK file that spreads through spam email attachments. As by the reports, the phishing email pretends to be a job application from “Lena Kretschmer”. The file attachment is named as “Lebenslauf.doc.lnk”. If the user opens the infected .LNK file, it starts executing the PowerShell commands without any permission. Thus, the GermanWiper ransomware may get inside the system. Apart from that, there can be other sources like fake links within social media, exploit kits and so on.

Once installed successfully, GermanWiper simply deletes the data within the files and substitutes a random file extension. Like ransomware threat, it leaves a ransom note in German language that notifies users about encryption and how to contact the authors to buy the decryption key. Unfortunately, this is a trap, and the virus has just wipes out the data and as no encryption occurred, so it can’t be recovered from the decryption tool offered by the hackers. It is just a shady way to earn profit.

GermanWiper Ransomware

GermanWiper Ransomware

The Ransom note by GermanWiper _Entschluesselungs_Anleitung.html is:

Alle Ihre Dateien wurden verschluesselt!
Was ist passiert?
Alle Ihre Dateien wurden verschluesselt und sind fuer Sie nicht mehr zugaenglich bis wir diese wieder entschluesseln. Alle verschluesselten Dateien wurden mit der Dateiendung .phnB2 versehen.
Bitte folgen Sie unseren Anweisungen, wenn Sie Ihre Dateien zeitnah wieder entschluesseln wollen! Es besteht keine andere Moeglichkeit Ihre Daten wieder zu entschluesseln ausser unseren Anweisungen zu folgen!
Ich moechte meine Dateien entschluesseln!
Kein Problem! Um Ihre Dateien zu entschluesseln, benoetigen Sie unsere Entschluesselungssoftware, diese steht zum Kauf fuer umgerechnet ca. $1,500 bereit.
Der Betrag ist ausschliesslich in Bitcoin an die untenstehende Adresse zu zahlen.
Welche Garantien habe ich?
Uns interessiert nicht wer Sie sind oder was fuer Dateien Sie auf Ihrem Computer haben, wir sind ausschliesslich daran interessiert Ihnen die Entschluesselungssoftware zu verkaufen. Schlechtes Business spricht sich herum, sollten wir Ihre Dateien nicht entschluesseln, wuerde in Zukunft niemand unsere Entschluesselungssoftware kaufen - Was nicht in unserem Interesse liegt.
Wo bekomme ich Bitcoins?
Bitcoin koennen Sie schnell und einfach kaufen, z.B mit Kreditkarte, GiroPay oder (SOFORT) Ueberweisung. Es folgt eine Auflistung populaerer Tauschboersen und Bitcoin Marktplaetzen:
Coinmama - hxxps://
Bitpanda - hxxps://
AnyCoinDirect - hxxps:// - hxxps://
BTC Direct - hxxps://
Es gibt noch weitere moeglichkeiten Bitcoin zu erwerben, sollte keine der gelisteten fuer Sie funktionieren, hilft Ihnen eine kurze Google Suche.
Ich habe die Bitcoins gekauft
Senden Sie den folgenden Betrag an die fuer Sie generierte Bitcoin Adresse:
0.15038835 Bitcoin
Bitcoin Adresse
Ich habe bezahlt - Was jetzt?
Nachdem die Zahlung auf der angegebenen Wallet eingegangen ist und diese 1 Bestaetigung im Bitcoin Netzwerk erhalten hat (30-60 Minuten) aktualisiert sich diese Seite automatisch mit dem Download Link fuer die Entschluesselungssoftware.
Bitte folgen Sie den Anweisungen in der Entschluesselungssoftware um sicherzustellen, dass alle Ihre Dateien korrekt entschluesselt werden.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Entschluesselungssoftware nur speziell fuer Ihren PC und die Dateiendung .phnB2 funktioniert, es ist also sinnlos nach der Entschluesselungssoftware von anderen zu suchen.
Weitere Informationen
Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir Ihnen eine Frist von 7 Tagen setzen, diese laueft ab am: 09/08/2019.
Sollten wir bis dahin keinen Zahlungseingang feststellen, gehen wir davon aus, dass Sie nicht an der Entschluesselung Ihrer Daten interessiert sind und Loeschen den Private-Key fuer Ihren Computer unwiderruflich, in diesem Falle gehen Ihre Daten fuer immer verloren.
Beachten Sie, dass nur wir in der Lage sind Ihre Dateien wiederherzustellen, versuchen Sie nicht Ihre Dateien selber zu entschluesseln / wiederherzustellen, im besten Falle verschwenden Sie nur Ihre Zeit, im schlimmsten Falle beschaedigen Sie die verschluesselten Dateien und wir koennen Ihnen beim entschluesseln nicht mehr helfen!

Although, the main target of the GermanWiper malware is German-speaking users, but it can be distributed widely and affect users in more numbers. As ransomware are the most profitable business-models for the cyber-criminals, there is more scope for the GermanWiper kinds of malware is to pretend to be a file-encrypting threat and demand huge ransom as decryption fee.

Paying ransom in case of GermanWiper is totally worthless, as there is no encryption occured. So the best way to deal with the malware threat is to securely remove the virus and try out data recovery tools or restore files from your backup. This guide presents all possible solutions to remove GermanWiper and methods of data recovery.

How To Remove GermanWiper Ransomware virus Without Paying Ransom

In this guide, you will find removal instruction of GermanWiper Ransomware virus both manually and using anti-malware tool. At times, virus does not allow the installation or scanning of anti-virus program, so you need to switch to “safe mode with networking”. After that you can try recovery of your data if you have any backup or we have listed some methods which may help you to recover some of your data.

Use Ransomware Defender To Remove GermanWiper Ransomware(Recommended)”


Ransomware Defender Overview

Ransomware Defender Review And Full Installation GuideShieldApps’ Ransomware Defender is a specially designed security program for Ransomware threats. This anti-ransomware program detects and permanently blocks any ransomware prior to its attack on the protected system.

Ransomware Defender maintains its threat database and its related information which makes the program proactively detect any sort of threat and notifies users upon detection. This anti-ransomware program works well along with your primary anti-malware applications and does not interfere with its work.

Ransomware Defender is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. And is suitable for both home and business network. It has various prominent features like real-time ransomware detection, scan protection, history cleaner, file transfer tools and automated scans that helps in better detection of ransomware threat and blacklist them from your system permanently. Additionally, this anti-ransomware solution also provides firewall security, internet protection, mobile security, and virtual private network configuration. The solution also offers 24/7 customer support via email.

If you generally do not keep backups of your important files and documents or use your computer or device for storing financial and business details, then it is very important to keep them secure. Here Ransomware Defender is proved as a comprehensive anti-ransomware solution.
Do not compromise with your computer’s security.

Ransomware Defender solution comes with a subscription of $49.95.

Ransomware Defender Features

  • Ransomware Protection: This ransomware solution effectively detects, removes and blacklists any ransomware that attempts to attack your system. And always keep monitoring the system within background for any possible attacks.
  • Smart Ransomware Detection: Due to its advanced technology of threat detection, you can rest assured of system protection. It will give real-time updates and report of any suspicious activity.
  • Internet Security: Protects from any unethical web activity, malicious attempts to breach your internet security, blocks any malicious websites and infected online scripts through ransomware generally enter.
  • Scheduled Scan/Clean Action: It provides a user-friendly and fully automated solution for schedule scans at your preferred timings, thus even if you forgot to manually scan your computer you are still protected.
  • Secure File Eraser: It’s a very important feature provided by Ransomware defender that empowers you to fix any of your files/applications that you suspect as infected.
  • 24/7 PROTECTION: Ransomware Defender provides 24/7 real-time protection due to its auto and schedules scan mechanism that guards your system all the time.

Installing Ransomware Defender

Follow these steps to download and install Ransomware Defender on your computer.

  • Click on the link to Download Ransomware Defender.
  • Choose the location to save the installation file and click on “save”.
    Ransomware Defender install step 1

    Ransomware Defender install step 1

  • After the download is completed, double-click on the downloaded file to open.
  • If prompted by User Account Control: click on “Yes” button.
  • This will open an installation wizard. Click on “Install“. Now simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure.
    Ransomware Defender install Step 2

    Ransomware Defender install Step 2

  • After Ransomware Defender successfully installs, a new tab or window will open on your browser showing confirmation of the installation.

Run Scan To Detect GermanWiper Ransomware threat on your computer

Follow the steps to properly scan and remove GermanWiper ransomware threat from your computer:

  1. Start the scan: Once the installation is completed, the Ransomware defender application window will open. Here you have 3 options for scan: Quick, Deep, and Custom. We suggest doing Deep scanning for the first time for better detection of ransomware threats.
    Ransomware Defender Scan

    Scan To DetectGermanWiper Ransomware

  2. Let the scanning process be completed: Scan will take a few minutes so be patient and let the scan be fully completed.
    Ransomware Defender Scan In Progress

    Ransomware Defender Scan In Progress

  3. Review the Scan Results and remove the threats: Review the scan results that will show all the threats and malware found during the scan process, you can manually choose to remove the threats one-by-one by clicking on the threat name and select “delete” or simply click on the “Clean All” button.
    Ransomware Defender Remove Threats

    Remove GermanWiper Ransomware

Download Ransomware Defender

Manually Find And Remove GermanWiper (Recommended Only For Advanced Users)

The manual steps guided below are the links separately made with caution, to avoid any confusion to our readers. Please follow the links below and perform them one by one. If you are going for the manual removal process, then we recommend you to print/download these instructions or open it from another uninfected computer or laptop and follow step-by-step manual removal instruction. Windows OS PDF Guide.

Method 1: Remove GermanWiper Ransomware and its associated files from the computer through safe mode with command prompt.

  1. Reboot your computer toSafe Mode with Command Prompt”
  2. End malicious process from “Task Manager
    1. Disable Auto-Startup Apps
    2. Remove Unwanted Programs From Scheduled Tasks
    3. Delete Temp Data and Prefetch
    4. Deleting “Registry Entries created by the Ransomware threat
  3. Deep Scan the infected computer to ensure complete removal (Recommended)

Click here to perform the step-by-step manual removal procedure.

Method 2: Remove GermanWiper Ransomware virus using System Restore Procedure

After that, the ransomware threat should go, but if it is still there, then you need to try another method which is the “System Restore”. Click here to perform System Restore in Windows OS.

How to Restore the Encrypted Files?

Click here to know How you can restore the encrypted file.

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