Auto Refresh Malware Removal Guide.

Auto Refresh Malware is a term used for malicious extension or add-ons for Mozilla Firefox browser. You may see it installed as Auto Refresh Premium or Auto Refresh Plus add-ons. Either of them are categorized as a potentially unwanted programs. Such programs are designed to take over the browsers and run intrusive advertisements campaigns.

So, users affected with this adware/PUA may notice excessive amount of pop-up ads on the web pages they browse.

Generally, the Auto Refresh Malware add-on are promoted via a scamming tactics that shows “Firefox requires a manual update.” Thus, if users perform the update from such deceptive page, then the adware may get install on the Firefox browser.

After which, the browser may become unstable and cause frequent redirects to compromised sites like software crack, adult, fake downloads, dubious streaming or gaming platforms. As a result, the browsing performance will be highly negotiated as well as may drop additional threats on the system.

Read the full guide to know about why this redirect occur on your browser and how to remove it.

Auto Refresh Malware Overview

Name Auto Refresh Malware
Type Adware, Fake extension, PUA
Risk level Low
Description Aims to display numerous advertisements within the browser to earn its profit.
Occurrence Freeware downloads via unofficial websites, Visiting suspicious pages and clicking on ads, Browser Redirection to questionable sites.
 Symptoms Browser redirect, ruthless pop-up ads, changed browser settings.

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Auto Refresh Malware Adware Behaviors

While most of the time, PUA are distributed via freeware downloads. Thus, users may not the initial clue of its presence. Apart from that, users may encounter some scam sites that appear unexpectedly on the browser.

Auto Refresh Malware From Firefox Browser

Auto Refresh Plus From Firefox Browser

The site may display the following warning message:

Firefox requires a manual update

This update is required to ensure that you are protected on the Internet
Install now

This update is required * Protect yourself immediately on the internet
Internet pages are automatically examined and possibly blocked
Increased protection against malware and viruses

After successful install,  the Auto Refresh fake extension makes various changes to the browser settings.

  • Add itself as extension to the default browser;
  • Drop an icon on top of the menu bar;
  • Change homepage and new tab settings;
  • Replaces the existing search engine to unknown one.

Soon after that, this adware will attempt to control your browser. In order to place intrusive advertisement on the websites and even on top of the search results page. The ads can be seen as “Ads by Auto Refresh Plus” , appearing as pop-ups, flashy banners, attractive small-boxes containing discount coupons and so on.

How Auto Refresh Malware Will Affect Your Browser?

However, sometimes user can relate with the ads, but upon clicking it redirects to annoying sites, showing unwanted contents, promotional items and untrustworthy pages.  Clicking on them may encourage fake downloads, unworthy purchases, click frauds, fake update of software and so on. Even some deceptive ads runs malicious scripts within the background to drop harmful programs like CPU Miners, Trojans or Ransomware threats.

Furthermore, this adware also gathers browsing data to share with their authors. The data may help the sponsors to push more shady adverts within the browser. Such unwanted programs expose the system for other scams and privacy thefts. Thus, it is better to avoid clicking ads by Auto Refresh Malware and uninstall it from the system.

How to remove “Auto Refresh Malware” From Firefox Browser (Virus Removal Guide)

In this guide, we have put few recommendations of anti-malware tools along with manual removal solution to clean the computer from any sort of Adware. If you are not sure of the associated files and registries created by the adware , then you should first try out scanning your computer with anti-malware. This may help you instantly get rid of the virus.

To remove the Auto Refresh Malware Firefox add-on, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Stop Auto Refresh Malware process From Task Manager
  • Step 2: Remove Auto Refresh Malware (Firefox Add-on) From Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • Step 3: Reset Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • Step 4: Scan And Remove Auto Refresh malware From Computer

Stop Auto Refresh Malware process From Task Manager

This is the first step, you need to stop the firefox.exe process to stop the page showing Auto Refresh add-on on your Firefox browser.

  • Press “Window key+ R” and type “taskmgr”.
    Open Task Manager Windows 10

    Open Task Manager Windows 10

  • Now once the task manager window opens, perform these steps:
  • Under the process tab, check for the (Firefox.exe) process ;
  • If you find it, right click on the name and select “Open file location”;
  • Then click on “End Task”;
    Stop Auto Refresh Malware from Firefox

    Stop Auto Refresh Malware from Firefox


Remove Auto Refresh Malware (Firefox Add-on) From Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • Start your Firefox browser and click on three horizontal lines on top right corner to open menu then select “Add-ons”. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+A on your keyboard or copy and paste “about:addons” to the address bar to open the ‘Add-Ons Manager’ page. This page will show you the list of all extensions/add-ons installed on your browser.
  • Select Extensions, and check for Auto Refresh, Auto Refresh Premium or Auto Refresh Plus;
    Remove Auto Refresh Malware from Firefox

    Remove Auto Refresh Malware from Firefox

  • Click on Remove button.
  • You may be prompted to restart the browser then do it make the changes successful.
Note: If it does not remove by this way, then it means the program is blocking the manual removal. So, in such a case, you can either “Run Firefox in Safe Mode” and then perform the above steps. Else, you can choose to “Reset Firefox,” that will restore the Firefox browser to its default settings. However, you will not lose your bookmarks, passwords, and so on.

Reset Mozilla Firefox Browser

Follow the step-by-step instruction to reset your Firefox browser.

  1. Click the Firefox button→ go to the Help sub-menu→ select Troubleshooting Information ( for Windows XP, click on the Help menu appearing at the top of the Firefox window). URL for troubleshooting Firefox is “about:support”(copy and paste this URL to the Firefox browser).
    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 1

    Click On Help

  2. On the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page click on the “Reset Firefox button.
    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 2

    Reset Mozilla Firefox

  3. Click on “Refresh Firefoxto the confirmation window. This will close the Firefox browser and reset to the default settings.
    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 3

    Click Refresh Firefox

  4. After reset, an Import Wizard window opens listing all the information about the import. Now click on “Finish”.
    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 4

    Click Finish To Reset Mozilla Firefox

  5. Restart the browser to check if everything is fixed and working well.

Scan And Remove Auto Refresh malware From Computer

SpyHunter is a giant among the security programs. It uses advance threat detection method to remove any sort of Adware/PUPs, Browser hijacker, Trojans, Rootkits, Fake system optimization tools, worms, and rootkits.

Besides that, it provides 24/7 protection from any unsolicited programs, vulnerability or rootkits attacks. Thus, keeping SpyHunter actively running on your computer add an extra security layer.

Click here for Full review And Installation Guide. 

Steps To Perform System Scan with SpyHunter 5

  • Once the program is installed successfully, the SpyHunter 5 Anti-malware program will launch automatically. If it does not then locate the SpyHunter icon on the desktop or click on “Start” ? “Programs” ? Select “SpyHunter”.
  • Now, To start the scan click on the “Home” tab and select “Start Scan Now” button. The program will now start scanning for Auto Refresh Malware and other associated programs.
    Start Scan Now For Vista Search

    Start Scan Now

  • The scan will report will all the details of the result about Auto Refresh Malware along with system errors, vulnerabilities and malware found.
    Vista Search PUP Found

    Auto Refresh Malware PUP Found

  • Once you have found Auto Refresh Malware as shown in the screenshot below:
Vista Search PUP Removal

Auto Refresh Malware PUP Removal

  • To select an object for removal, just select the checkbox at the left of the object and click on “Next“. You can select or deselect any objects displayed in the “Malware,” “PUPs” or “Privacy” tabs. It has a “Select All” feature that allows to select or deselect all objects displayed in a specific tab. To utilize this feature, simply select the checkbox at the left in the specific tab (9).
Select Objects To Remove

Select Objects To Remove

  • Once you have selected which objects you would like to remove, click the “Next” button.
    Press Next To Remove Vista Search

    Press Next To Remove Auto Refresh Malware

If you want to know more about it, you are welcomed to check out the full review of SpyHunter 5.

However, these steps may help you successfully remove Auto Refresh Malware.

Stay Safe

You should be cautious while you do any kind of online activity. So, always pay attention to what you choose to download, as various freeware downloads come as software bundles.

Most often, these bundles may purposely drop other harmful programs on the computer. Therefore, it is better to opt for Advanced or custom installation procedure to avoid installation of unknown programs.

Hopefully, you may find this article helpful.

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