What is Afternoon.rocks?

Afternoon.rocks is a redirect virus that pushes nasty pop-ups on the browser. This redirect virus mainly attacks through various social engineering tactics like downloading freeware, clicking on fake links on social media sites and randomly visiting infected sites. Once your computer is infected with any Adware, you can be unexpectedly redirected to Afternoon.rocks website.

This is an extremely harmful site that you should never visit. It tricks users into showing 18+ warnings and ask users to Allow for push notifications. In order to subscribe for the notifications from the website. If you click on “Allow”, then it will start showing numerous advertisements straight on your desktop screen.

The pop-up message by Afternoon.rocks appears as:

Afternoon.rocks wants to Show notifications
Click ALLOW to Continue

As said above, you should not click on the “Allow” because it can drop malicious program within the background. Soon your browser will become unstable and loaded with plenty of advertising whenever you start surfing. Afternoon.rocks can have bad consequences on your whole computer system.

Why am I seeing Afternoon.rocks pop-ups?

Afternoon.rocks redirect is mostly caused due to visiting infected webpage or clicking on fake ads. It also occurs when any Adware hook up on your browser in the form of fake extensions. Although extensions are helpful and web browser keeps removing malicious extensions from their store. But still there many bad developers that create fake extensions and advertise them to be useful and legitimate.

Thus, it is always better to install extensions from official web stores only, not from any redirect page.
You may get Adware from freeware downloads from third-party sites, that most often bundle additional program. These program earns their profit by displaying advertisements on the browser.

Once any malicious program gets installed on your computer, it silently changes various system settings like startups, browser shortcuts and task scheduler. Thus whenever your start your browser, Afternoon.rocks page will appear which suspicious pop-ups. There are various similar pop-up virus that are still active on the web, please be careful to those.

Here are the list of few in our database:

Browser-systems.tools so on.

How to Remove Afternoon.rocks redirect pop-ups

By encountering pop-ups from this phishing site, means your computer is infected with any Adware. Then we recommend you to scan your computer with powerful anti-virus program. This will assist you to detect and remove any potentially harmful program.

Afternoon.rocks redirect pop-up

Afternoon.rocks redirect pop-up

If somehow you have allowed to the Push notification of Afternoon.rocks site, then it is too risky for you. You need to remove the permissions to this site which allowing the Afternoon.rocks to show the malicious pop-ups.

Here are few steps that can help to block Afternoon.rocks pop-ups from browsers.

  1. Block the permission for the site to show push notifications from web browsers:

      1. Google Chrome
        1. Open chrome menu by clicking on three vertical dots on top-right corner. Click on “Settings“.
        2. On Chrome’s “Settings” Page, scroll down to the bottom of the page  and click on “Advanced“.
        3. Navigate to “Privacy and Security” section, now click on “Content settings“.
        4. Click on “Notifications“. You will see list of websites that are allowed to show notifications.
        5. Search for “Afternoon.rocks” website and click three vertical dots beside it, then click on “Remove”. This will prevent to show any push notification.(temporarily)
      2. Mozilla Firefox
        1. Open Firefox menu by clicking on click on three horizontal lines. And choose “Options”.
        2. On the left side of the page, choose “Privacy & Security”.
        3. Go to “Permissions” section and within the Notifications menu choose “Settings” next to it.
        4. Locate “Afternoon.rocks” website, and choose “block” from the drop-down menu.
        5. Click “Save Changes” button.
      3. Internet Explorer
        1. On the top-right part of the browser, click on gear icon to open the menu.
        2. Select “Internet Options“.
        3. Navigate to “Privacy” tab, now choose “Pop-up Blockers” section and click on “Settings”.
        4. Locate  for Afternoon.rocks website and click on the Remove button.
      4. Microsoft Edge
        1. Open Microsoft Edge Menu button, by clicking on three horizontal dots. Choose Settings from the menu.
        2. Click on “Advanced” from the left side of the window.
        3. Under the “Website permission” section, click on “Manage permission“.
        4. Locate Afternoon.rocks website and click on the X (Clear) button.
    1. Remove browser shortcuts from opening web address.

      1. Right on the web browser shortcut on your desktop;
      2. Choose “Properties”;
      3. On the shortcut tab, within the “target” section, search for Afternoon.rocks address after “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” ???.
      4. If you find anything apart from above, then delete it.
      5. Repeat with all the installed web browsers.
    2. Reset web browsers

      1. Google Chrome
      2. FireFox
      3. Internet Explorer
      4. Microsoft Edge
    3. Now as the virus is isolated from your web browser, quickly run a system scan to find all the associated Adware and remove it.

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Note: All the above steps may not guarantee the full removal, as the adware have the capability to modify the above settings again and again, till the virus is not completely been removed.

If you are not familiar with the above steps then, we recommend you to choose the automatic removal of Afternoon.rocks redirect virus.

Remove Afternoon.rocks using HitmanPro.Alert.




HitmanPro.Alert is an advanced anti-malware program that takes on proactive approach towards threat behavior and its activities. Its cloud-based scanning technique is deeply scans the system to the possible locations where threats mostly resides. This is a real-time malware program that delivers protection from latest threat, crypto-malware, ransomware, exploits, spyware, risks related to online transactions.

HitmanPro.Alert is best-in-class that provides various advanced features like:

  • Safe Browsing;
  • Exploit Mitigation;
  • Risk reduction:
  • Key-loggers Protection and many such.

Running HitmanPro.Alert on your computer will provide your real-time status, checks the browser integrity and alerts or any suspicious activity. So that you can have a safe browsing and online transactions. Read the full review of HitmanPro.Alert here.

Steps To Install And Run HitmanPro.Alert

Best Practices To avoid Such Infections

  • Do not click on “Allow” button to the Push notifications.
  • Avoid opening spam mail attachments, this is the common way through virus intrude inside. Thus, we should be cautious while getting mails from non-trusted sources.
  • Keep the software program updates, so that it does not have any security patches.
  • Be very cautious while downloading any freeware from third-party websites. Always download software programs from official websites. Thus avoiding any accidental download of Adware/PUPs.
  • Do not use public wi-fi for online transactions, as they are not fully secure and can infect the device.
  • Use a powerful anti-virus program that will keep track of the security.

By following the above tips, you can avoid viruses or unwanted programs entering on your computer. Hope this article is helpful to you.


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