Remove about:blank From Web browsers

If your browser constantly loads the “about:blank”, it typically means the browser is loading nothing but a blank page. This is actually a built-in feature used by the web browsers, whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and so on.

Your browser will show this page, when it does not know what exactly it needs to show, like if you have set as your default new tab/start up. Then whenever you open your browser, it automatically loads the Google page.

However, if there can be other reasons too for getting about:blank loading “pop-ups blocked” on the address bar.
So, if you simply don’t want your browser to load about:blank on startup then, here is all you need to do to stop it.

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What is about:blank on the web browsers?

About:blank is a nothing but a built-in page of the web browsers. It means, the browser is showing a blank/empty page. As mentioned above, this is a feature included to most of the web browsers. And also used for addressing the settings or internal pages of the browsers.

Like to load settings in Chrome, if you type in “about:settings”, then it will redirect you to chrome settings page. Similarly for all the web browsers.

So, you have not specified any start up page, or somehow your default settings is set as “about:blank”, then it will show whenever you open the browser.

Is about:blank a Virus or unsafe?

This is the concerning and in fact a valid question to ask. So, let me clear the fact that about:blank page is not a virus or unsafe page. However, if your browser constantly loads the page with “pop-up blocked” or showing unexpected pop-ups. Then, it may be because of adware or browser hijackers that tends to change the default settings of the web browsers. As a consequence browser is forced to load about:blank page with pop-ups in overwhelming numbers.

about blank removal

about_blank page web browsers

How To Know If Your Web Browser is infected With Virus?

There are various signs and symptoms that can possibly let you know that your browser is infected with a virus like adware, redirect virus, browser hijacker and so on.

  • Frequent redirect pages like,, and many such may automatically open up on the browser;
  • Search results page loads, pop-up ads, sponsored links, irrelevant contents on top of the page;
  • Random pages may show pop-ups asking to “Please tap the allow button to continue” pop-ups;
  • Ads, banners, hyperlinked texts may appear while browsing;
  • Homepage, new tab and search engine address replaced with unknown program without your consent;
  • Unknown extensions/add-on active on the browser.

So, if you suspect the above issues, then we recommend to quickly perform a scan to your system with a reputable anti-malware program. However, there are lots of anti-malware programs available to choose from.

So, here we recommend HitmanPro.Alert or SpyHunter that is best suitable for adware kind of infections.

For Mac users, we recommend ComboCleaner which makes threat detection and removal very easy.

How To Remove about:blank Page From Web browsers?

As by now you know, there is nothing to worry of about:blank appearing on your web browser. However as mentioned above, if it shows “pop-up blocked” or even loading some pop-ups, then you should run a scan to remove the unwanted program triggering the redirects.

But if you want to get rid of “about:blank” or restricts the page to open as New Tab or start up then, here is how to get rid of it.

Google Chrome:

  • Open main menu by clicking on three dots on top right corner;
  • Choose “Settings“or simply type “chrome://settings/.
  • From left menu, select “On startup” section “.
    chrome about:blank page

    Remove about:blank Page From Google Chrome

  • To Remove “about:blank“, from “open set of specific page or set of pages“;
  • Next, to set new tab page of your choice, click on “Add new page” and type in your favorite URL. Also, you can choose the “Open the New Tab page”. Under it, you need to select the page or address you want to open up on start up.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Firefox settings by clicking “Options” from the menu;
  • Now choose “Home” or simply type in “about:preferences“. Now on the “Homepage and New Window” section;
    About Blank Virus Removal Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

    Remove about:blank Page From Mozilla Firefox

  • Remove“about:blank” and type in your favorite URL or page as default homepage.

Microsoft Edge:

  • On your Edge browser, click “menu”, and then choose “Settings“;
    About Blank Virus Removal Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

    Remove about:blank Page From MS Edge

  • Next, head to the “On startup” section,  remove “about:blank” and add a new or choose your favorite one from the list of “Open a new tab”.

Internet Explorer:

  • Click the gear icon from the main menu;
  • Now choose “Internet Options.”
    Remove About Blank Virus Chrome

    Remove about:blank Page From Internet Explorer

  • On the General tab, remove “about:blank” from the homepage sections and add your preferable address as your default homepage.


  • On the safari browser, click on Safari and then select “Preferences“;
  • Now choose “General tab
    how to remove about:blank from chrome

    Remove about:blank Page From Safari Browser

  • On the “Homepage” field, remove “about:blank” and set your desired homepage address to open on browser’s start up.

By following the above steps, we hope you will be successfully removed about:blank from Web browsers.

Follow our instructions to remove about:blank from Google chrome Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge Resolve issue like chrome about:blank page, about.blank virus, chrome about:blank page, Aboutblank etc.

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