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Ransomware is file-encrypting malware that uses a strong encryption algorithm to encrypt files like documents, images, videos, PDF, audio and so on. Know more

What is DogeCrypt Ransomware? DogeCrypt is a rogue software that is designed to encrypt data on the target system. In order to restricts users from accessing their files. Hence, the users are forced to contact to the authors of the threat to...

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How To Remove .Data(Dharma) Ransomware

.data Ransomware Removal Guide .data is a file-encrypting malware program that belongs to the family of Dharma Ransomware. Like any other ransomware, it aims to encrypts data in order to demand ransom against decryption key. Like its other variants...

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How To Remove MAAS Ransomware From Infected System

MAAS Ransomware Removal Guide MAAS is a file-encrypting malware that uses encryption algorithm to lock the files on the host machine. In order to demand ransom fee to unlock the files. Similar to Vawe ransomware, it also belongs to the family of...

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