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Ransomware is file-encrypting malware that uses a strong encryption algorithm to encrypt files like documents, images, videos, PDF, audio and so on. Know more

How To Remove Solaso Ransomware From Your System

What is .solaso extension files on your system? Solaso is a crypto-malware that aims to encrypt files on the target system. It is categorized as a ransomware threat. Being a ransomware, the malware scans for system for various files like photos...

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How To Remove Wbxd Ransomware From Infected System

What is Wbxd extension files on your system? Wbxd is a file-encrypting ransomware that is a new variant of Djvu ransomware family. The malware mainly targets the Windows OS and restricts users from opening their files by encrypting them. After...

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How To Remove Msf Ransomware From Your OS

What is Msf or [metasploit@post.com].msf extension files on your system? The Msf or [Metasploit@post.com].msf is categorized as a Ransomware threat. Reason being, the malware encrypts the files on the target system that restricts users from...

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What is Bip or [buydecrypt@qq.com].bip extension files on your system? Bip is a crypto-malware that aims to encrypts various types of files present on the target system. The threat appends “[buydecrypt@qq.com].bip” extension to the encrypted files...

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How To Remove 4help Ransomware From Your System

What is 4help or [hlper4y@tutanota.com].4help extension files on your system? 4help, also known as [hlper4y@tutanota.com].4help is a file-encrypting threat. This is a variant of infamous Dharma Ransomware. The ransomware encrypts important files on...

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