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Mac OS Malwares

Mac OS Malware generally attacks through downloading freeware programs from unauthorized web sources and carry out illegal actions. Know more about MAC virus

Remove Apple.com-scan-macbook.live From Mac

Apple.com-scan-macbook.live scam pop-ups falsely claims of virus detected. If you are also among the one receiving such warnings, then here is the solution to end this. What is Apple.com-scan-macbook.live Apple.com-scan-macbook.live is a disguising...

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emove MyCouponsmart Adware From Mac OS

Getting ads from MyCouponsmart Adware that claims to save your time and money by offering coupons. But it is not worth spending you time and money. Read the guide to know more about this Mac Adware and its removal guide. MyCouponsmart Adware ...

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Remove Trovi virus From Mac

The days are gone when Mac OS were supposed to be unbreachable or infected. The cyber criminals are now exploiting the vulnerabilities of Mac OS to infect it. However, the potential of infection may not reach as the level of Windows OS. But still it...

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Remove Advanced Mac Cleaner From Mac OS

What is Advanced Mac Cleaner Advanced Mac Cleaner is a rogue optimization tool that pretends to be useful. But it annoys users with fake alerts and pop-ups that appears from frequently on the desktop screen. The pop-up warning states that their Mac...

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Remove OSX.Trojan.Gen from Mac

What is OSX.Trojan.Gen OSX.Trojan.Gen is a notorious malware program that mainly targets Mac OS. It has the ability to exploit the system vulnerabilities like weak passwords, unprotected system or open network connection to break in. Once in, this...

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