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Mac OS Malwares

Mac OS Malware generally attacks through downloading freeware programs from unauthorized web sources and carry out illegal actions. Know more about MAC virus

What is BrowserToday? BrowserToday or BrowserToday 1.0 app is a potentially undesirable application that is meant to endorse plenty of advertisements. Despite claiming to enhance the browsing experience by providing fast and accurate search results...

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How To Remove Mon-thu4 Pop-ups From Mac OS

What is Mon-thu4 Pop-ups? Mon-thu4 is illegitimate website that displays full-window warning about the Mac OS being infected with virus. They are actually deceptive pages designed by cyber-criminals to trick users into installing fake system...

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How To Remove SystemJump Adware From Mac OS

What is SystemJump? SystemJump is advertised as a useful tool that claims to improve the browsing sessions by offering fast and accurate search results. But it acts contrary to what it says and is reported as an adware. Similar to OnlyApplication...

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How To Remove Helpermcp From Mac OS

What is Helpermcp Pop-ups? Helpermcp is a file associated with a potentially unwanted program known as Mac Cleanup Pro. Users affected by this Adware may see pop-ups within their Mac OS stating that “helpermcp will damage your computer you...

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How To Remove OnlyApplication APP From Mac OS

What is OnlyApplication App? OnlyApplication is yet again an awful browser extension that feeds users with irrelevant advertisements. Although like many of its kind (CoordinatorPlus, FeedBack App, PDFSpark, WindowMix and so on), it also claims to...

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