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Mac OS Malware generally attacks through downloading freeware programs from unauthorized web sources and carry out illegal actions. Know more about MAC virus

How To Remove SkillApplication Adware From Mac

Remove SkillApplication From Safari, Chrome & Mozilla Adware like SkillApplication can appear again and again, if its malicious files, entries and settings not been completely removed from the device. Thus, it is recommended to use an adware...

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How To Remove RecordMapper Adware From Mac

Remove RecordMapper From Safari, Chrome & Mozilla RecordMapper removal by uninstalling is only a temporary solution. To get rid of completely, you need to remove malicious files created by it, fake profiles and revoke the permissions granted to...

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How To Remove RunningUpdater Adware From Mac

Remove RunningUpdater From Safari, Chrome & Mozilla RunningUpdater is a potentially unwanted program that makes unwanted changes to the Mac, as well as web browsers. As well as, it injects advertisements on the browser and even collects browsing...

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How To Remove UnitHandler Adware From Mac

Remove UnitHandler From Safari, Chrome & Mozilla UnitHandler is a PUA that floods the browser with unwanted ads, redirects to suspicious domains and even promotes fake search engine. In this article, we will explain you how to remove UnitHandler...

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How To Remove PortalAgent Adware From Mac

Remove PortalAgent From Safari, Chrome & Mozilla If you are facing browser redirects to questionable sites, getting intrusive advertisements while browsing and unknown extension added to your browser, then it can be because of PortalAgent adware...

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