While browsers give us the freedom to browse the web without much restrictions, unless we impose on them. But it opens the door for various data breaches raising the privacy concerns for the users.

So, in such a case, online privacy should be the most concerning factor when we are online. Thus, web browsers have shifted their focus towards securing the user’s data and privacy.

Mozilla Firefox has up its game with the new built-in feature to its security tools. Although, it also offers some tools like “Mozilla VPN” that users can avail on subscription basis to protect their online privacy.

However, if we explore the browsers in free time, then surely we can set up the basic settings that can help ensure privacy and security upto some extent.

So, here we are discussing what is FireFox Monitor By Mozilla and how to set up alerts for Data Breach using Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor.

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What Is Firefox Monitor?

Firefox Monitor is a security feature integrated by Mozilla. It simply lets us know whether our data has been exposed online or its being a target for data breach.
Now, how does it do so?

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor

Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor tool will ask you to provide your email address. With this information, the tool will scan through the library of data breaches till known to find if you have been affected with the breach.

Now, you will be alerted on your mail box, every time if your data been exposed or compromised. The best thing is that, it is still useful to you if even you are not a regular user of Mozilla or it is not your default browser.

Now, with this lets check out how to set up alerts for Data breach using Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor.

How to Set Up For Data breach using Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor.

It’s a very simple process, to activate alerts for Data Breaches.

  1. To get started, click on the Firefox Monitor website link.
    Firefox Monitor Add your email address

    Firefox Monitor Add your email address

  2. The website asks for your email address to check if your data has been compromised in data breaches. However, you can do it by any browser or email. But I recommend using Mozilla as it will ask you to sign in.
  3. Now, if you are already using a sign in the Mozilla browser. Then it quickly gets you the results of the data breach, with various detailed information. Like how many times your data have been breached and in which breaches.
    Firefox Monitor breach summary

    Firefox Monitor breach summary

  4. Next, if any breach if found, it deliver various information about the breach. Additionally, it suggest the guild lines as what to do, if any data breach if found.
    Firefox Monitor What to do for this breach

    Firefox Monitor What to do for this breach

That’s how it works. For future updates, you should click on the checkbox at the time of providing your email address. Thus, Firefox Monitor will scan and alert you if your data is found in any breaches.

What To Do If Your Data Is Breached?

There are various things need to consider as how, when and from where this data breached occurred. So, you should take the proper actions to combat it. And take enough precautions for the future.

However, there are some basic guild lines which one should follow to avoid such data breaches:

  1. Quickly Change your password. Better to choose one which you may not be using anywhere;
  2. Enable two-factor authentication for the apps and logins to secure accounts;
  3. Use a password manager like Dashlane to create strong and encrypted passwords. It also helps to create different passwords for different account and keep it safe and secure;
  4. Use a VPN service to stay anonymous while browsing, so you don’t leave a trail of your browsing;
  5. Install a paid-version anti-malware program to secure your device from any further damage.

Although, there are various anti-malware program which you can choose. But we recommend Hitmanpro.Alert For Complete Security of your system.

For Mac users, it is recommended to use ComboCleaner, which provides a comprehensive security and various other features to keep your Mac optimized.

How To Unsubscribe For Firefox Monitor Alerts

Firefox Monitor lets you easily stop sending the updates on your email address. After which, your account will not be deleted, but you will no longer the receive the updates. However, you can still login to the Firefox Monitor Website can check for any breaches.

Also, it allows you to Add your another email address that you can add to the same account. So, for removing the Firefox Monitor, follow the steps:

  • Login to your Firefox Monitor account;
    Remove Firefox Monitor

    Remove Firefox Monitor

  • On top right corner, click on your profit icon, and choose “Preferences” from the menu;
  • Now, scroll down and click on the “Remove Firefox Monitor”.
  • It will prompt you to confirm for the same.


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