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How to Restore the Encrypted Files?

How to Restore the Encrypted Files

Method 1: Backups

Security experts always advice to keep a backup of your important files and documents. So, if have been regularly backing up your data and you can restore them after successfully removing the ransomware threat. If you still haven’t started backing up your important data then remove the ransomware threat and start back up using SOS Online Backup

Method 2: File Recovery Software

If you don’t have any manual backup of your files, then you can try to recover your encrypted files by using data recovery software tools. As some ransomware threat before encrypting the files make a copy of it and then delete the original ones. So, there is a possibility that file recovery software can help you recover some of your data. We recommend some top rated data recovery tools that you can try to recover the file infected. 

Method 3: Shadow Volume Copies

If the file recovery software also does not help you, then the last way is to try a recovery process by restoring the Shadow Volume Copies. Unfortunately, many of the ransomware also deletes the shadow volume copies of the files encrypted on the attacked computer. So that the user have no way left to recover their files. But sometimes it may not be able to do so, thus, you can try this method to restore your files. 

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