How To Reset Internet Explorer To Its Default Settings (Windows Guide)

If your Internet Explorer is troubling you with its unusual behavior then resetting  the browser may end up your issues.

Generally, browsers give us hard time while browsing either slow loading, pop-up ads or you see change in your default homepage settings. All these issues arises due to various factors:

  • Visiting any unknown web page;
  • Randomly clicking on ad on third-party sites;
  • Downloading/Installing web extensions from unknown sources;
  • Allowing unknown browser helper objects to change the default settings of your browser.

Any of these can tamper your web browser and ultimately trouble you. But another factor which also happens to internet users every now and then is the Adware/Malware attacks.

If your browser is infected with any Adware then it may carry out various changes without your permission. And you starting seeing unknown start page, pop-up ads on every web page you visit and so on.

In this case, resetting your browser may just be a temporary solution. But we recommend you to try this quick way of resetting your Internet Explorer browser.

Resetting your Internet Explorer will do these changes:

  • Default homepage, search engine and other search engines will reset to its default settings.(Like it was at the time you first installed Internet Explorer browser)
  • Your existing new tab URL will be removed. A fresh new tab will appear with no bookmarks or saved tabs.
  • Any installed extensions and themes will be removed.
  • Content settings, Cookies and site data will be cleared.

Quick Guide: How To Reset Internet Explorer To Default Settings

  1. Close all the opened tabs on the browser and then click on the “Tools” button → select “Internet options”.
  2. Choose the “Advanced” tab, and then select “Reset”.
  3. Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box will appear, select “Reset” to confirm.
  4. Once finished, select “Close” → select “OK”. Restart your browser to apply changes.
Resetting Internet Explorer Image 1

Resetting Internet Explorer Image 1

Resetting Internet Explorer Image 2

Resetting Internet Explorer Image 2

Removing unwanted extensions

  1. On Internet Explorer browser click “Tools,” icon;
    Remove add-ons From IE 1

    Remove add-ons From IE 1

  2. Select “Manage add-ons.” Within the Manage add-ons window on show section choose “All add-ons”. This will list all the toolbars and extensions installed on the browser.
  3. Select the ones which are unusual and can be recognized as an Adware;
  4. Click “Disable.”
    Remove add-ons From IE 2

    Remove add-ons From IE 2

  5. Repeat the steps for all unwanted add-ons and extensions.

Check for existing start page, search engines, and other defaults.

  1. On the same very window, click on “Search Providers”;
  2. You will see the list of search engines, choose the ones which you like to “set as default”;
    Resetting Search Engine From IE 3

    Resetting Search Engine From IE 3

  3. Remove the Search engine which appears to be unknown by clicking on it and then click on “Remove”.
  4. Now click on “close” button to close the window.
  5. Next step is setting up your preferred homepage For this, Go to “Tools”, select “Internet Options”.
    Resetting Search Engine From IE 5

    Resetting Search Engine From IE 5

  6. Under the General tab, you will see ‘Homepage’ section, wherein you may see any unknown URL set as the default homepage, you need to replace it with your favorite ones like or any other URL of your preference.
  7. Click on “Apply”, then “OK” button to save the changes;
    Add Default Page IE

    Add Default Page IE

  8. Close this window and check if everything is working fine now.

What to do if Resetting Internet Explorer does not solve the issue?

As earlier said, if your computer or device is infected with virus, then resetting your browser is not any permanent solution. You need to get rid of the tough viruses as soon as you detect them. But it is again a tough job to manually locate the virus or any unwanted program affecting the system.

So, don’t worry just give a quick scan your infected computer, laptop or notepad to completely make your browser and PC trouble free.

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