All browsers whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, safari or so on sometimes starts acting strange. And we feel puzzled,

How it happened,???

Where is my favorite homepage, start-ups and new tab?

From where these annoying extensions came to my browser?

Why my browser suddenly working like a snail?

Why am i seeing nuisance ads?

Is my browser infected with Virus?

Well, these happens to all of us someday-sometime. We then try to uninstall extensions, removing URLs, clean browsing history. But not all the time these solution work.

How To Reset Firefox To Its Default Settings (Windows Guide)Here is when do you need to reset your browser.  Resetting browser is just what we hate, but still Resetting browser solves various issues.

This is a simple and quick guide that lets you quickly fix all the above browser issues by resetting browser.

Firefox Reset Guide

Follow the step-by-step instruction to reset your Firefox browser.

  1. First step is resetting to the default settings on the Firefox, click the Firefox button→ go to the Help sub-menu→ select Troubleshooting Information ( for Windows XP, click on the Help menu appearing at the top of the Firefox window). URL for troubleshooting Firefox is “about:support”(copy and paste this URL to the Firefox browser).
    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 1

    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 1

  2. On the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page click on the “Reset Firefox button.
    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 2

    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 2

  3. Click on “Refresh Firefoxto the confirmation window. This will close the Firefox browser and reset to the default settings.
    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 3

    Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 3

    1. After reset, an Import Wizard window opens listing all the information about the import. Now click on “Finish”.
      Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 4

      Reset Mozilla Firefox Step 4

  4. Restart the browser to check if everything is fixed and working well.

If you don’t want to reset your Firefox browser, you can try manually removing annoying extensions or any unknown start page or new tab from your Mozilla Firefox browser. 

Here is the step-by-step solution to remove Firefox extensions and switch to default start-page. 

Removing unwanted extensions

  1. Start your Firefox browser and click on three horizontal lines on the top-right corner to open menu then select “Add-ons”. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+A on your keyboard or copy and paste “about:addons” to the address bar to open the Add-Ons Managerpage. This page shows you the list of all extensions/add-ons installed on your browser.
  2. Select Extensions, and check the installed extensions and if it stands out to be an Adware/PUP then click on Remove button.
    Remove Addons From Firefox 1

    Remove Addons From Firefox 1

  3. You may be prompted to restart the browser then do it make the changes successful.

Check for existing start page, search engines, and other defaults

  1. Again go to Menu by clicking on three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of the browser;
  2. Select “Options” then switch to the General Tab and reset the default homepage or simply go to URL “about:preferences#home”.
  3. You can simply “Restore Defaults” or set your custom homepage. follow the below image.
    Reset Mozilla Firefox Default Pages

    Reset Mozilla Firefox Default Pages

This is how you can simply reset your Firefox browser. After resetting the browser, you can add extensions you want and your favorite homepage.

Now Your Firefox is all new and faster than before. But hey before you start using your browser, you must know some best practices that will help you to stay safe and avoid the above consequences in future.

In case, you see change in your default settings again like unknown extensions, homepage or search engine redirecting to unknown URL, then this is a sign of virus infection.

For this, you need to scan your whole computer and remove the disturbing programs.

Hope this piece of article was helpful to you.

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