Disable Auto-Startup Apps From Task Manager

This guide explains you to disable auto-startup apps from task manager window.

It is very important to know which programs or applications are set to auto-launch when the system boots. If any suspicious program is launching after every system restart, then it will not allow you to remove it completely from the infected system. And there is very much chances that it will again repair its files and be active on your system.

You Should Eliminate startup items that are unnecessary. As these items slows down the system bootup, drains the system performance, as well as encourages the Potentially unwanted program to start every time the system reboots.

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Thus, if you have any unwanted program that is restarting even after removing it, then it might have auto-startup enabled. Disabling this will allow you to completely get rid of any unwanted program.

So, here is the steps which you need to follow for disabling the suspicious programs from auto-launch.

Method1: To Disable Auto-Startup Apps From Task Manager Manually

  1. Press “Windows key+R” that will open the run box. Within the search field type “msconfig”  and hit enter that will launch “System Configuration” window.
  2. Once the window opens, click on the Startup tab to see the list of programs which are set to auto-launch with the computer boot. The list is displayed on the startup tab itself for the windows 7/xp and vista. For newer versions like Windows 8 and 10 users will be asked to open the Task Manager to see the list. Go through it to follow the next steps.
  3. Now browse the list to locate anything suspicious that appears to you as adware. If you are not sure of any program then search it on the web if it is from any company or not. If you find it illegitimate then, you need to disable them from the startup. To disable a program, if you are on Windows 7/XP/vista then, uncheck the box next to the program name.
  4. For Windows 8 or 10- click on the program, then click “Disable” button appearing at the bottom of the window).

Please follow the info-graphic steps mentioned below.

Windows 7

Disable Startup Apps - Windows 7

Disable Startup Apps – Windows 7

Windows 8/10

Disable Auto Start App - Windows 10

Disable Auto Start App – Windows 10

Method2: To Boost Start Up Apps And Manage Unwanted Programs Using System Mechanics

  • Click to install the System Mechanics Tool;
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to install the program;
  • Once the program launches, dashboard click on the “Toolbox” –> “Speed Up”–> “Startup Optimizer”
    Manage Startup Items Manage Startup Items
  • On the Startup Optimizer menu, it will list all the items that are scheduled as start up when the system boot up. So, here the tool will assist you how can you manage the start up items efficiently.
    Manage Startup Items 2

    Manage Startup Items 2


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