Delete Any Process Running Within Task Manager (Window’s Guide)

This piece of information will help you to kill any malicious process or program running within the background of the task manager. All these steps should be performed carefully, as if somehow you delete other process then it can affect the normal working of your computer system.

You have landed here, it means any unknown program might be troubling you. So, first you need to try uninstalling the program control panel and if it does not allow you to do so, that means the process is running within the background of the task manager.

To check if any malicious program is still running on the system, you need to perform these steps and if it is still there you need to locate the program file manually and delete them permanently from the system.

Follow any of the ways to open task manager on your Windows OS:

  1. Press “Window key+ R” and type “taskmgr”.
  2. Now once the task manager window opens, perform these steps:
  3. Under the process tab, check for the suspicious program still running;
  4. If you find it, right click on the name and select “Open file location”;
  5. Then click on “End Task”;
  6. Now go to the file location window opened and select the program and delete that file.
Task Manager Ending Unwanted Process

Task Manager Ending Unwanted Process

This is how you can get rid of any unwanted program consuming your system resources or trouble you. Now you can again attempt uninstalling the program from control panel.


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