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How do I remove secure search bar from Google Chrome

How To Remove Secure Search bar from Google Chrome?

This post will help you understand about the “secure search”, its behaviors on the browser and its quick removal solution.

What is Secure Search?

Secure Search is an extension for Google Chrome browser. Although it is advertised as a secure way to surf online as it keeps the searches secure from being being traced. Also it offers SSL security of search engine and its other components.

Secure Search says:

“Keep your search secure and history private with Secure Search the anonymous, fully secure(SSL) search engine and privacy extension.”

How do I remove secure search bar from Google Chrome
Secure Search bar

If you are seeing secure search bar on your homepage, then you might have installed Secure Search extension on your chrome browser. Once it gets active on the browser, it will reroute all your searches to “hxxp:/search.hr“. And then send the queries to multiple search services(third party). The end result is displayed using Google or Yahoo search engine.

search.hr redirect
search.hr redirect

Thus, the search results if often loaded with plenty of sponsored ads, paid links, banners and irrelevant contents. Now you know that secure search is a just an Adware that is meant to generate revenue by driving traffic to third-party commercial sites and user’s pay-per-click.

How I got Secure Search Extension installed in my Chrome browser?

Users mostly unknowingly install Secure Search extension along with freeware downloads from third-party sites. Another approach is by clicking on its promotional ad that recommends users to install Secure Search extension. Adware and PUPs are typically being distributed by this similar method. Thus, users need to very careful what they download off from the web.


Once this extension installs successfully, it will never let you surf as before. You might have tried manually resetting search engines but it will come again and again.
Along with tampering your searches, this Adware can risk your private information by sending them to anonymous websites. Not only that, the browsing data may often contain personal identifiable information. If these data goes in hands of any cyber offenders, they can use them for illegal benefits.

So, if you don’t wish to happen that, then here is the 100% working guide to free your Chrome browser from Secure Search extension, search bar and yahoo redirects.

How to Get Rid of Secure Search extension and search bar from Chrome?

Method 1: Remove Proxy Configuration URL Script

To remove automatic proxy configuration URL Script settings follow these steps:

  • Open Chrome Menu by clicking on “three vertical dots” on top-right corner. Or simply type “http://chrome://settings” in the address bar.
    Chrome Menu
    Chrome Menu
  • Now click on “Advanced” at the bottom of the settings page. Under System section, click on “Open proxy settings”. This will open Internet properties window.
    chrome advanced settings to open proxy settings
    Open proxy settings
  • Now click on “LAN settings” button at the bottom.
    Chrome Lan Settings
    Chrome LAN Settings
  • Under Automatic configuration, remove any URL if present within the “use automatic configuration script” field.chrome proxy address
  • Now uncheck both the options of “Automatically detect settings” and “Use automatic configuration script”.
  • Close everything and restart your chrome browser.

Method 2: Reset Chrome Settings to its defaults

If the above method does not work then reset your Chrome’s settings to its default. Click here to follow the step-by-step instruction to reset chrome browser.

How To Reset Chrome To Its Default Settings (Windows Guide)

Method 3: Run Powerful Adware Removal tool

Sometimes, Adware makes manual removal tough. As they have became more sophisticated and attempts clever approaches to hide within the system. Likewise, Secure Search Adware may accomplish various changes to the system settings by adding registry keys, program files, user policies and task manager start-ups.

So, it is better to use a smarter detection tool that efficiently detect all its files and components and permanently remove from your system.

Download Anti-Malware For Windows


SpyHunter 5: Review And Full Installation Guide

Now, quickly run this powerful Adware scanner and removal tool.

Hope this article help you to solve secure Search bar issue. And if you are facing trouble then please let us know. We will guide you.

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