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Quasar RAT. Various Attacks And Its Capabilities

Quasar: A Remote Access Trojan HIGHLIGHTS: Quasar RAT, an open-source program Remote Access Trojan that has various malicious capabilities; It was designed by a GitHub user for legitimate purpose, but due to capabilities it is being exploited by...

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RIG Exploit Kit Distributes ERIS Ransomware

A newly detected ransomware threat known as ERIS Ransomware that is being distributed via RIG exploit kit. Users can get this ransomware installed on their computer without any consent when the RIG exploit kit attacks the system. It is found that...

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5 Trending Mac Malware You Should Know

If you are a Mac user who are less bothered about your Mac getting infected with Virus, then this article may change your mind. There was a time when Mac users had a misconception about their Mac aren’t vulnerable to attacks. Thus, they never felt...

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