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Cryptominers are a program designed to illegally use the CPU and RAM resources of attacked PC to silently mine for virtual currency like Bitcoin and Monero.

Remove Msvc.exe CPU Miner Trojan

What is Msvc.exe process? Why is it taking up 90% of the CPU usage? Is it a malware? What can it do the target computer? These queries may run in your mind, if you encounter Msvc.exe process on your computer. Don’t worry here is the solution… What...

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Wuapp.exe Monero Miner

You have landed here, it means you are facing troubles of Wuapp.exe process. It is a legitimate one, or how you get it. Why is it consuming most of your CPU resources? This guide will help you know about this process, legitimacy and removal. What is...

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Jcecn.exe is a cryptominer program that runs within the background to mine for crypto currencies. What is Jcecn.exe Trojan Trojan? Jcecn.exe uses CPU and power resources of the host machine to mine crypto-currency like Bitcoin, Monero or Ethereum...

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Remove kingminer trojan

What is KingMiner Trojan? KingMiner Trojan is a cryptojacker that aims to mine Monero coins by using the CPU and power resources of the host machine. This trojan horse is clever to hide its identity by taking on anonymous program name one like...

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Remove OSDSoft DBUpdater.exe Miner Trojan

DBUpdater.exe is a crypto-Miner Trojan program that utilizes CPU resources to mine crypto-currency and generates revenue. What is DBUpdater.exe Miner Trojan? DBUpdater.exe is a CPU Miner process that is associated with OSDSoft program. It is...

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