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Cryptominers are a program designed to illegally use the CPU and RAM resources of attacked PC to silently mine for virtual currency like Bitcoin and Monero.

How To Remove xmr-stak.exe (Crypto Malware) Virus

xmr-stak.exe negotiates system resources to mine Monero coins. As a consequence, your system will become too slow and sluggish. it mostly proliferates via fake software installers. So, you should quick check for all potential threats active on your...

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If you are a crypto-currency owner, then you should be aware of the ApocalypseClipper that may have installed on the system. It haunts the miners and aims to steal their funds without the consent of users.  Lets check out what is ApocalypseClipper...

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How To Remove Bitcoin Miner Pro Program

Does your CPU showing high usage? Is your system getting heated up too quickly or you getting high electricity bill, then it is because of Bitcoin Miner Pro installed on the system. Lets check out what is it and why you should remove it immediately...

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How To Remove Lucifer Malware (Cryptominer) Virus

Lucifer Malware is a self-propagating hybrid malware that targets Windows-based systems and use it for  cryptomining.  What is Lucifer Malware? The Lucifer Malware is a threat that exploits the vulnerabilities of the target system to intrude inside...

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How To Remove Trojan.BitCoinMiner Virus From PC

Trojan.BitCoinMiner is a cryptominer program that runs within the background to mine for crypto currencies. What is Trojan.BitCoinMiner? Trojan.BitCoinMiner is a generic detection for the cryptominers, particularly belonging to Bitcoin Miner...

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