Combo Cleaner For Mac- A Comprehensive Anti-virus And Optimization Program

combo-cleaner-anti-virus-for-MacCombo Cleaner is a complete security suite for Mac OS that is developed by “RCS LT” company. This program is featured with anti-virus scanner and system optimization tools like disk cleaner, duplicate files finder, application uninstaller, privacy scanner, and 24*7 customer support service.

Rather than being just a traditional anti-virus or a system optimizer, this single program takes a different approach that eases the user from using a different application to keep their MAC OS protected and optimized.

It is very important to have a reliable anti-virus solution for the computer system. Combo cleaner is one of the best options for MAC users as detects and eliminates all sorts of threats like adware, browser hijacker, Trojans, and other malware. It is a light-themed, easy-to-use interface and keeps updating its threat database hourly to instant detect and remove any sort of malware. Thus ensuring not any malicious stuff is behind within the system.

Combo Cleaner Features:combo-cleaner-dashboard

  • Anti-virus:

With the advanced scan mechanism designed especially for MAC virus, it efficiently detects, reports and removes all the native malware. And also the software keeps updating its threat database hourly which will help to keep your Mac OS secure.

  • Disk Cleaner:

Disk Cleaner is another powerful feature of this software which uses strong scan algorithm to check the whole system including hard drives for junks, logs, browsing data, cache and other unnecessary files that takes up lots of memory in the system. It safely removes them to free up gigabytes of memory and in turn optimizes the performance of MAC.

  • Duplicate File Finder:

Duplicate files are the copies of same files that somehow get stored in the system and consumes the disk space. Combo Cleaner locates for such identical files and lists them. Thus, users can view the files and remove them. This not only saves the disk space but also boost performance and minimizes file searching time.

  • Privacy Scanner:

Privacy should be our priority and combo cleaner understand this. So its Privacy Shield features scans the installed browsers that contain various information related to browsing in the form of cookies data. If these data goes into the hands of hackers or third-party then it can be misused badly. Thus, combo cleaner allows you to easily clear the stored browsing history, cache, cookies, etc.

  • Big Files Finder:

Many times, we have the issues of disk space but we actually can’t find which applications or files are taking up too much of memory. Wondering why your disk is full but unable to locate files occupying significant disk? Like there are various downloaded files, HD videos, games, photos which we may not require now. Big Files Finder will list all such files and allow you to remove them which is not needed. This saves your time in manually searching all the drives for such files and remove them.

  • App Uninstaller:

It happens to all of us, that some of the applications or files won’t allow performing the uninstalling from the system. Combo Cleaner’s app uninstaller will let you find any hidden components of applications which are hindering the uninstall and then you can easily uninstall these applications and save a lot of space and also ensure any unwanted program is not running on your MAC.

Along with these prominent features, there are lots more to go with Combo Cleaner. So keep your Mac protected and optimized with a single suit.

How to Install and Scan with Combo Cleaner

Combo Cleaners LogoCombo Cleaner DOWNLOAD LINK
(The above link will open a new page from where the Combo Cleaner will download)
We recommend downloading Combo Cleaner to scan for malicious programs. This may save your precious time and effort. Combo Cleaner scans the infected PC for free but you need to purchase its full version for complete removal.
  • Once the download completes, double-click on the downloaded file;
  • After the window opens, drag the Combo Cleaner program icon and drop into your “Applications folder” icon.
    Drag To Application Folder

    Drag To Application Folder

  • Now, open your “Launchpad” and click on the “Combo Cleaner” icon.
    Click On The Icon

    Click On The Icon

  • This will start the installation and updates its latest virus definition. Once done, the program will launch;
    Combo Cleaner Dashboard

    Combo Cleaner Dashboard

  • Click on “Antivirus” tab and choose the scan options like Quick, Full, and custom. (Full is recommended for the first time)
    Combo Cleaner Antivirus Scan

    Combo Cleaner Antivirus Scan

  • Let the scan be completed and it will list all the threat found. Now, click on “Remove All Threats”;
    Scan Results

    Scan Results

  • After removing the threats, click on the “uninstaller” to find and remove any unwanted programs. Select the program from the list and its related files and then click on “Remove Selected Items
    Program Uninstaller

    Program Uninstaller

Is Combo Cleaner Safe And Legitimate?

The answer is yes, and definitely is safe and legitimate Mac utility. As it is developed by “RCS LT” company and is an award-wining anti-malware. Certified by OPSWAT Labs,it is best-in-class, when it comes to detecting threats dedicated to Mac OS. Many reputable platform have reviewed this anti-malware and found it to be one of the best anti-malware for Mac.

Is Combo Cleaner Free?

Users can download its installer file from its official website, Mac App Store and it is always available on our website.The file size is very small, that is 4.9 MB, that makes the installation process quick and easy. It detects the threats for free, but in order to remove them you need to buy the premium version.

Is Combo Cleaner A Virus?

Many users think, it is a virus or a freeware. But Combo Cleaner is not a virus neither a freeware. In fact, the program allows users to avail few features for free like : Disk Cleaner, Big Files Finder, and Duplicates Scanner. Including the scanning for various types of threats. However, to remove the threats, users need to buy the paid version of it. The paid version also includes advanced features like Antivirus, Privacy Scanner, and Uninstaller.

This is our ComboCleaner Reviews, hope this was helpful to you. Try out the free version Now.

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