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Browser Hijacker is designed to hijack web browsers and take over the online activities. Know more about browser hijacking, its symptoms and how to get rid of them.

Remove Dongtaiwang.com browser hijacker

Do you see Dongtaiwang.com as your homepage? Don’t know how it happened? Here is the detailed guide about Dongtaiwang.com and its best possible removal solutions. Dongtaiwang.com: What is it and why you should remove it? Dongtaiwang.com is...

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Remove Wajm.icu Browser Hijacker

If your browser’s default settings is changed to Wajm.icu, and you are unable to restore your default settings. Then, here is the detailed guide about Adware causing Wajm.icu redirects. What is Wajm.icu? Wajm.icu is a fake search engine that fails...

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Hao123.com browser hijacker

Hao123.com may interfere with your browsing and lead to serious issues. If you are still not able be remove this program. Then you must read this article. What it is? How it gets installed and how to completely remove it? What is Hao123.com? Hao123...

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Initdex.com browser hijacker

If your browser’s default settings is changed to Initdex.com, then it is because of Adware intrusion on your computer. Here is the detailed guide about Adware causing Initdex.com redirects. What is Initdex.com? Initdex.com is found to be as a...

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Remove YaTab.net

If you have accidentally got Yatab.net extension on your chrome browser, then it might annoy with its suspicious activities.This is a browser hijacker that mainly attacks the chrome browser, it slowly it can affect other browsers too. It can attack...

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