If you are a Mac user who are less bothered about your Mac getting infected with Virus, then this article may change your mind. There was a time when Mac users had a misconception about their Mac aren’t vulnerable to attacks. Thus, they never felt the need to secure it.

But now cyber-criminals are bad developers are actively exploiting the security of the Mac OS. And now like Windows, Mac too are being targeted by all sorts of viruses whether it is Trojan, Adware, PUP or Ransomware.

5 Trending Mac Malware You Should Know

5 Trending Mac Malware You Should Know

So, here is the most 5 trending Mac Malware you should know.


Loud Miner or OSX Loud Miner is an active malware that was first detected in June 2019. This is a crypto-currency miner that is distributed via cracked versions of software like Ableton Live and VST (Virtual Studio Technology).

It is a cross-platform crypto-miner that installs Linxus emulators on the target system and use the CPU resources to mine for cryptocurrency.

To Know more details and removal of OSX Loud Miner.


CookieMiner is again a crypto-currency miner threat that haunts Mac users. This malware tracks cookies to gather the credentials of victim’s crytpo-currency wallet. Along with uses the system resources to mine Monero coins.

The malware is still doing the rounds and can be used as a backdoor malware to steal information from the victim’s PC.

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CrescentCore or OSX/CrescentCore is a malware that can be responsible for dropping other potentially unwanted applications like Advanced mac Cleaner on your Mac. It is widely distributed through fake update links on unsafe pages.

CrescentCore does not have any effect on the Virtual Machines and thus it after being installed it checks for the VM installed. If not found, it can execute various malicious tasks.

To know more about CrescentCore and removal solution.

Search Mine

Search Mine or Searchmine.net is a malicious program that badly infects web browsers like Safari, Chrome or Mozilla. This may install as an extension to the browser and silently modifies various settings. Thus the users are forced to use this search engine that never delivers useful search results.

The presence of Searchmine.net hijacker may expose the privacy as it tracks online habits and may distribute them unknown people or site.

To know more about Searchmine.net and its removal.

Chill Tab

Chill Tab or Chilltab.com is caused by attack of potentially undesirable programs hidden on the Mac OS. This PUA attacks web browser and modify various settings like homepage, new tab and search engine.

Chill Tab mostly install as an extension to the browser, but it never comes alone. It is too clever to be removed from the Mac OS. Thousands of users have been infected with this PUA and still active.

To know more about Chilltab.com and its removal

These were the 5 Trending Mac Malware You Should Know guide for now. As being a security researcher, we want our readers to be aware of any security threat that is active and persistent. If you are infected with any of these Mac viruses, the visit the links to get the complete removal solution.

It is very important to stay safe against such threat, thus you need to have an effective anti-virus program on your Mac installed. This is the least you should do for your device and data security.

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