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5 Security Tools to Help Protect Yourself From Ransomware

5 Security Tools to Help Protect Yourself From Ransomware
5 Security Tools to Help Protect Yourself From Ransomware

5 Security Tools to Help Protect Yourself From Ransomware

Ransomware have now become a global cyber-threat. The hackers and cyber criminals have managed to infect millions of users and there is no stopping for them till now. Not only individual’s the ransomware threats like wanna Cry and GandCrab have been managed to attack big organizations, Hospitals, educational institutes, government agencies and Businesses and so on.

The ransomware encrypts the important files on the target computer that means the user can no longer access them. They use strong encryption algorithm to lock the files that can only be restored using a decryption key. Read in depth about Ransomware. Thus, victims are forced to pay the ransom in order to purchase the decryption tool. Millions of users have been victimized and faced huge loss and next target can be you.

So, why not be preventive to stay ready to fight against such devastating ransomware threats.

As they are pity much sure about their motive. But are we enough cautious about our security? The technology and digital innovation has given us much power to be synced and access millions of resources with our fingertips. But this is also a gain for bad actors that constantly in search to breach our security and break-in. But yes, we can still protect our valuable data from being targeted.

There are lots of security measures that can help us stay preventing, but they are still not enough to fight against ransomware like threats.

Here we are listing 5 Security Tools to Help Protect Yourself From Ransomware.

Encryption Tool:

Keeping your important files, business documents and private data encrypted is the most secure thing to stay protected against ransomware threats. As the ransomware targets your files stored on the computer, and what if the ransomware attacks your computer but it can no more encrypt or tamper with your data. Its motive will fail miserably and you can win this fight. There are lots of encryption tool available but it is very important to choose the reliable one for you.

APO Encrytion 5 Security Tools to Help Protect Yourself From Ransomware
APO Encrytion

APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC is among them which can protect your data with impenetrable encryption methodology.


  • It uses AES 256 Bit Encryption operating in Cipher Block Chaining mode.
  • NIST Security Standards for Cryptographic Modules (FIPS 140-2) Certification.
  • Built-in Password Safe that allows single sign-on option allowing you to avoid having to enter a username and password.
  • Automatic re-encryption of files when you close the files after use.
  • Key Escrow that auto-generates the backup of the key, if somehow you forgot the key, You don’t need to be worry.

Data Backup:

When we think about data backup, we choose the Drive, Dropbox, One-Drive. But these are data-syncing services that you can access with your account. But it is still not safe from ransomware attacks. What if your account is hacked or someone stole your password. But a powerful cloud backup solution won’t let that happen. It not only keeps the backup of the data but it creates a secured and non-tempered server that are far from your device. A good cloud backup solution also provides data encryption that locks your files with strong ciphers. You can access your files in a secure environment and also share within an encrypted channel.

SOS onlinebackup 5 Security Tools to Help Protect Yourself From Ransomware
SOS Online Backup

We recommend- SOS Online Backup is a leading cloud solution.



  • SOS runs quietly and automatically in the background.
  • It supports both Personal and Family Cloud SOS accounts that support an unlimited number of mobile devices. If you have young kids at your home, then you can easily create backup account for them.
  • It has an easy interface and offers automatic backup solution that automatically backs up any important files or data on your device. You can also set a preferable time for the backup of your daily data.
  • Unrestricted file size and supported all file types.
  • Has apps for both desktop and mobile that uses Strong AES 256-bit encryption algorithm while transferring your files to the cloud.

Password manager:

Strong passwords helps you protect your online accounts from hackers. Generally we use our nicknames, birth-date, pet name and random numeral like 12345 which is the most used passwords. This habit should be changed and we need to be more serious about our online privacy. Threats like ransomware generally attacks through loopholes while browsing. Thus, a password manager will help you create strong passwords for all your accounts, a secure digital wallet to keep your passwords secure and never forget them. It will make your online transactions, credit card passwords and bank account data more secure. So, if you are afraid of keeping a strong password because you may forget it, then leave this job to password manager tools.

Password Managers like Dashlane, Password Shield


Dashlane is critically-acclaimed by top press like The New York Times, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, & many more. Simply download the Dashlane app on your desktop, mobile, MAC or IPhones and create a one-time secure account. It is easy-to-use tool to protect your passwords and privacy.


  • Supports all OS platforms Windows, Mac, Android, IPhone and iOS.
  • Manage passwords with secure wallet.
  • Set auto-login feature for frequently visited website without saving on the browser.
  • Easy change password option.
  • Saves credit card details and receipts within the digital wallet to make online purchases easy and secure.

Anti-Ransomware Programs:

Anti-virus or anti-malware programs may not be designed to deal with ransomware threats. As they use different methodology to attack and host within the target system. Thus, it is very important for now-a-days to have an effective anti-ransomware program active on the system. There are some good anti-ransomware tools like Ransomware defender and BitDefender .

Ransomware defender and BitDefenderRansomware Defender is designed to detect and block any ransomware threat prior to its attack. It updates its database regularly that helps to blacklist any form of ransomware threat and its module if it suspects on the system. It’s a must-have tool if you want to protect your data from ransomware threats.

Features of Ransomware defender

  • Deals with known ransomware and traces the behavior of any unknown ransomware threat.
  • Blacklist or stops the threat from attacking the system.
  • Uses pro-active protection algorithm that stands against the threat 24/7.
  • User-friendly interface, automatic scan, secured file-eraser, lifetime support and custom notification system.
  • Ransomware Defender is a fully automated tool that takes care of threat. It’s a simple 3-step proactive mechanism Scan > Detect > Lock Down that works best to prevent any odds to enter on your system.
  • Works with the primary anti-virus or anti-malware program.

Data Recovery Tools:

Ransomware threats locks down the files that forces the users to pay the ransom for the file recovery. But you should not be willing to pay to any cyber criminals. Here, data recovery tools can be some help. Not all ransomware encrypted files can be recovered as they uses private key encryption. But sometimes, if the encryption is not so strong then the data recovery tools can help you get the files, data, media files be restored with these.

Here is a guide to How you can recover permanently deleted or corrupted media from windows. Also, you must read our featured article about How to Recover Encrypted files to know more.

Hope these 5 security tools Help you Protect Yourself From Ransomware

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