Having a Bluetooth speaker is a must for most of us. Who has the time to plug in your phone to the speaker and listen to music!

A Bluetooth speaker comes handy at such times and you won’t have to physically connect it to your smartphone. All you have to do is get one for yourself, connect it to your phone and enjoy uninterrupted music without having to stay away from your phone.

Buying one for yourself is quite easy but so is making one for yourself.

With the Bluetooth speaker you make, you will have the option to design it as you like and enjoy the fun process too. It is a simple DIY project and you would get a quality result of all your efforts. 

Let us move on to the steps you will have to follow to build your own Bluetooth speaker.

Make sure you follow the process step-by-step and make the circuit connections properly. Or else this won’t work and you might have to restart with the whole procedure. Use good quality materials and try to make the outer construction without any air gaps. This sure does affect the quality of sound from the speaker.

Things You Need To Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker

Here is a list of all the things you need:

Things You Need To Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker

Things You Need To Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Full range speaker 4Ω 3W
  2. Mono Bluetooth power amplifier board
  3. Low-frequency radiator Vibration plate (passive diaphragm)
  4. Lithium battery
  5. Micro USB TP4056 Charging module
  6. Slide switch
  7. Superglue
  8. Carving knife
  9. Wooden board for outer construction

How To Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker

Step 1:

Cut a hole in the wooden board sheet with the help of a carving knife. The hole should be the size of the speaker you have. Now fix the speaker to the sheet using superglue.

Step 2:

Follow the same procedure and attach a vibrating plate on another piece of wooden sheet.

Step 3:

Connect the lithium-ion battery to the charging module.

Step 4:

Now, join the positive wire of the charging module to one end of the switch. The other end of the switch should then be connected to the Bluetooth board.

Step 5:

Connect the negative end of the charging module to the other end of the Bluetooth board.

Step 6:

Now that you have made the circuit for your Bluetooth speaker, let’s place them inside the wooden cube.

Step 7:

Make a wooden cube with the Bluetooth speaker sheet and other empty sheets. You might want to leave the sheet with the vibrating plate as it is for now so that one side of the cube is open for now.

Step 8:

Place the lithium-ion battery at the bottom of the cube and fix it with glue. Attach the Bluetooth board on one of the sidewalls of the cube.

Step 9:

On the vibrating plate side of the sheet make measured holes for the switch and charging slot.

Step 10:

Make the final connection of your circuit by connecting the Bluetooth board to your speaker via connecting cables.

Step 11:

Place the charging module in the slot carved into the sheet with the vibrating plate.

Step 12:

Now attach the switch to the hole in the sheet with a vibrating plate such that the switch is easily accessible.

Step 13:

Now that you have made all the connections your speaker cube is ready to be attached. Glue the final sheet of wood to the incomplete cube and complete the construction of your speaker.

Final Steps:

Your Bluetooth speaker is now ready to be used. Switch on the speaker and pair it with your smartphone to enjoy your music on the go.

You can also paint the speaker cube as per your liking and give a personal touch to it or let it be as it is. This will surely be a fun experience and you will love the outcome.

So what are you waiting for? Get your materials ready and follow these simple steps to get your personal Bluetooth speaker.

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