Do you want to set up a gaming zone for yourself? Are you looking to upgrade your gaming setup?

Worry not! We have got you covered.

An effective and pleasant gaming setup is really important for any gamer as they tend to spend hours at their spot.

As Gamers are always looking for comfortable and high experience accessories to level up their game and give a tough competition to fellow players.

Best Gaming Setup Accessories

So, here we have listed 20 best gaming setup accessories.  This list has everything a gamer would be rooting for to enhance their gaming experience. Also, if you are planning to setup a gaming zone for yourself, then this will be worth reading.

Gaming desk

The first thing you might need for your gaming setup accessories is a “gaming desk“. Make sure that you invest in a nice gaming desk that not only accommodates all your accessories but also gives you comfort as you would be glued to the desk through most of your days.

Gaming chair

Pick an ergonomic chair for yourself which can provide you the maximum relief. Remember you will be sitting at the same spot for hours and that means you need a chair that has a perfect backrest, arms, and legs that you can adjust as per your desire.

High-resolution monitor

Gamers are much aware of the importance of a good high-resolution monitor. A monitor is sure to give a better gaming experience than a laptop. A high-resolution monitor lets you never miss any detail during your game. These monitors have high speed and other specifications that would best suit for gaming.

Gaming mouse

Ditch your regular mouse today and invest in a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse is designed for a perfect grip that won’t tire your hand for prolonged hours of use. It is customizable and can vibrate to signal you of any instance when you need to be alerted during the game. Ain’t that something you have been longing for?

Mouse pad

A right mouse pad is equally important as the mouse. Imagine you moving your mouse but it not getting any action on the screen. That definitely is aggravating. You might need a larger mouse pad for a gaming mouse and one that lets your mouse glide through and gives the best result when trying to multitask during a fiery gaming session. Some gaming mouse pads come with lights at the edges to enhance your game time.

Gaming keyboard

One of the most important thing to our list of best gaming setup accessories is a “Gaming Keyboard“. I know all Gamers will agree to it.

A gaming keyboard is designed to provide the ease a gamer needs while playing games that require speed and responsiveness. Choose one for yourself that gives maximum support and ease. Some keyboards come with backlit keys to enhance the experience of gamers who prefer a dark room. The keyboard lights up and makes it easier for the gamer to view what key they are pressing on.

Game controller

If you are a hardcore gamer, you would know that certain games have to be played with a controller. You won’t get the readiness and response for such games by meddling between the mouse and keyboard. Hence you should always invest in a game controller that quickly grasps your command and lets you play the game effectively.

Thumb grip/sticks

Thumb grips or thumbsticks, whichever you prefer, are an essential accessory for any player that is more into games that require gaming controllers. You can easily attach the thumb grips to your console controller and enjoy your games. They prevent your hand from slipping while controlling and also provide a finer grip so that you can hold on to the buttons and never miss a shot.

Racing wheels

If you are inclined towards racing games you would have to buy a racing wheel for you. They provide you a better experience of getting behind a racing car than what you get by racing with your controllers. Pick one that is compatible with your setup and gives you a high every time you race.

Floor pedals

You might also want to get your hands on a pair of floor pedals. These when combined with a racing wheel will give you the best racing experience. You are sure to get a thrilling experience of racing with these floor pedals and racing wheels instead of your regular keyboards.


If you are into playing online multiplayer games then you need a headset. Some good ones might seem expensive but you must invest in a headphone that provides you ultimate sound effects to indulge you into the gaming world without any disruption. Go for one that has good bass and the best sound quality.

Headset holder

A headset holder is necessary irrespective of the size of your desk. You surely don’t want your desk to be cluttered and unorganized. You won’t want to search in a pile of accessories while gaming. This is where the headset holder comes handy. It will let you define a place for your headset and you won’t have to keep searching for them.


A microphone is required if you wish to complete your gaming setup. Some headphones do come with microphones, but the ones that work great as both are quite expensive. You can rather opt for a separate microphone that offers the best quality and a headset for its better sound effects.

Stereo speakers

Having the right speakers can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. You can get your hands on a cabled speaker or a Bluetooth one to enjoy the sound effects of your games or also play music of your choice while gaming. Make sure you buy one with a high-quality sound to have an amazing game.


Some gaming PCs come with an attached webcam but you can also get one that can be attached with a USB cable. These webcams let you face-off with your fellow gamers and interact with them during your competitions.

Gaming glasses

A gaming glass is one such accessory that most of you might not have invested in. Gamers need to protect their eyes from the blue light that is emitted from computer screens. Especially when you are staring at the screens for hours and straining your eyes. Get one for yourself if you tend to look at the monitor for prolonged hours.

Gaming gloves

Gaming gloves are necessary for ones who tend to sweat a lot. You might not want to lose your grip and miss a shot at your opponent. Wearing gaming gloves lets you grasp your mouse, keyboard, or controller properly and be ready for action at any time of the day.

Gaming lights

The ambiance is as important for Gamers as for others. Some Gamers like to have dark rooms with minimal light that can provide them a snug feeling. If you are one of them, you should opt for smart light bars. These can be placed anywhere near your desk and can be set to the color you like. Some of these are also capable of adapting to the lighting conditions in the game at any point in time.

Cable organizers

With numerous accessories, it becomes necessary for a gamer to invest in a good pair of cable organizers. You can get your hands on cable ties, cable clips, cable holders, and much more to get your table organized and clutter-free. These organizers help to settle the cables of various accessories such that your desk won’t look like a pile of cables.

Gaming routers

Gaming routers are legit. These wireless routers have the ability to detect time-sensitive data (for games) and provide a smooth experience. It also lets you make VoIP calls to fellow Gamers and be in touch with them, all the time. It’s now time to invest in a dedicated gaming router that won’t fail you during the crucial minutes of your games.


There are plenty of other gaming accessories out there. But these are some most important and best gaming setup accessories which have the maximum impact on your overall experience. Also, remember that gaming accessories aren’t perfect. You will have to pick one for yourself according to your requirement and budget. You can always browse through reviews of others before making a purchase.

Just make sure you keep your requirements in mind before grabbing one.

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